Thursday, November 22, 2007

mea culpa- and LOST panda silk winners!

Hello folks
i've just learned that mail going to my FORMER email
"drlaura DOT sirius AT gmail DOT com" isn't being delivered.

i have set up a new email
"drlauraAsirius AT gmail DOT com" or "proflaura AT firststepinternet DOT com"

and removed the old one.

i need the 3 winners of the panda silk contest from october to contact me
please! [11/22 have heard from one]
if we don't hear by 12/1 when we will announce the nov. winners, we will
have to draw again...

i do know that one person said she was having trouble reaching me... that's
what set me on this new email path.

blessings, :L, laura