Saturday, March 7, 2009

News flash! Mitten Inspires Hat

ok - "inspired by" i hope is not quite "copycat".... anyway, when I saw Cathy Campbells' neat mittens in my fave Mini Mochi yarnyarn colors for mini mochi , i needed a hat to go with.
i will be doing socks next...

Friday, March 6, 2009

What's New Pussycat?

Couldn't resist, sorry.
Seriously - wanted you to take a minute and bookmark this page
this is the link for seeing pretty new free patterns and new yarn announcements
and more!

I love this Taos cropped boxy jacket - already am looking at the various colors of Taos Taos Yarn Card to select my colors.
These are nice views of a pretty new Panda Soy wrister designed by Bianca Becker. Other panda soy colors are here ... and new ones are coming too!

Do YOU know Ann Norling?

talented and terrific designer - patts now carried/distributed by Crystal Palace Yarns.
many of my fave knit items are from Ann Norling designs - vests, cardis .... diversity in action!

here's some wonderful pics

fruit caps!!

Vermont Text Message

well, i'm posting a text message photo here... let's hope my brain is in Sherlock mode.
KyleAnn Williams is the designer for Vermont, and here's her vacation pic of the design.
Front of sock above, and back
the gorgeous peach yarn is Bamboozle, with more wonderful colors HERE

Arkansas where Diamonds are More than a Girl's Best Friend

they're ready for us to find!!
Thanks to Adrienne Fong -aka Bellybutton Knitter who is knitting this spectacular beaded lace sock for Arkansas!
you can see other colors of Panda Silk here

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wyoming sock and Oregon coast

Cindy Peek is knitting both Wyoming toe-up and Oregon.
already gave you a sneak peek of OR sock, but here's her photo of coast, and sneak peek of WY

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guesses anyone?

This is my nearly done 1st sock for DE.

The yarn is DK Panda Silk DK Panda Silk Colors

What do you think was my inspiration?

blessings, :L

Sneak Peek of Mississippi

these are previews of the Mississippi sock by Debbie Haymark EmbellishKnits
looking forward to seeing more... and gotta love the quilt!

Lupines for Maine

This is the sneak peek of the cuff chart for the Maine Lupine's sock by Helen Pope. ShadowDancer

Oh My!
spectacular to say the least! and potentially we will have to buy her some zoloft after she finishes these.
oh my, i am amazed. impressed, awed... and wowowow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lovely Lava !

the brilliant and talented Kala has done it again! VeganCraftastic
this is her inspired sock for hawaii

on the Rhode again

KyleAnn williams is on a road trip with her hubby - hiking vac to PA i think, and she just sent me
a verizon pic of her sock for Rhode Island

Monday, March 2, 2009

pics from new book featuring CPY

Just sharing... rec'd my designer's copy of new book "Tops&Toes" from House of White Birches - you can find online at "Annie's Attic".

I have 5 designs in it

a boy's hat = Tiger Stripes knit in Aran Aran colors

a child's hat & socks set knit in Bamboozle BamboozleColors

a baby's hat & socks set knit in Panda Silk PandaSilkColors

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Joy of Sox

well, Lark books has written to say all is well - photos taken and book progressing for the release of "Joy of Sox" this fall. [wow! nice list of designers! waving!]
i must confess that i adore this sock design of mine in the book and am eager to show you. hint- my original title was "Lovebirds".

er ahem. does the name sound familiar? LOL, of course you recognize the famous "Joy of Cooking", The Joy Kitchen of which i have a special version.

mother gave me hers! the book she rec'd when she was married! the 1948 ed, (not shown here) has her own notes and she added some recipes too.
then while looking for pics to show you, i found a facsimile first ed! which i couldn't resist ordering.
anyway, mom's cookbook has most of her special recipes, and a couple famous family ones that dad loved, such as her white spoonbread...

Oh ?? you don't think "Joy of Sox" reminds you of "Joy of Cooking?" LOL...
how about this one???

Lark books is curious about how obsessed you are with socks... and there's a poll, Lark Sox Poll with a 3/15 deadline.

The results of the poll will actually be entered into the book - luckily without our names!

Blog Addies for 50 Socks - 50 States

Hey folks

first, you can tell by the name that the book will have 50 socks & i think i've let the cat out of the bag, and revealed we will have more than 50 designs.

so, next = authors & where to find out more.

Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer is doing Louisiana and Canada HeartstringsFiberArts [look for wonderfully inspired lace and beads!]

some of us are alsobeginning to blog about it

Terry Ross: TerryRossDesigns

Helen Pope: ShadowDancer

KyleAnn Williams:KnittingWithKyleAnn

Debbie Haymark: EmbellishKnits

Adrienne Fong: Bellybuttonknits

Becky Yoder:

Kala Patterson: VeganCraftastic

I've shown you sneak peeks by several of these folks, and will post more soon.

What am i doing myself??

i am working on DE (ladybug toddler cuffed socks)


NY - Vassar College and the Shakespearean Garden

DC (smithsonian or .....)

SD (first peoples)

it's turning out to be hectic and fun too!