Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue is for April

Hi folks,

well this month is blue ... for april showers!! so first here is the panda silk color card with pretty blues!!

Next up is Adrienne Fong's new sock in Panda Silk

and here below are some lovely free designs you can find on the site!!

gorgeous ruffled shawl

blessings, :L

Blue is for April- more knits!

Waikiki Vest - nice and springy looking! lovely stitch detail. Find the pattern HERE and look at the pretty yarn choices HERE

Taos Squared Vest - the Free pattern is HERE
and the yarn choices, including the neat new ones in earlier blog post! are HERE

I love the look of these Rainbow Kid Merino Socks.. and really want to pick some colors and
knit a pair for myself!
the pattern Cathy used is HERE. All the pretty colors are HERE...
if only i could choose!!
hmmm i think i'd like a Kit!!

CarrieBee & Maizy

CarrieBee has these pretty Maizy socks on her blog ... done 2 at a time! [no dreaded SSS here!]

she's also got some great info about hemp knitting... appreciate, thank you!

pretty panda cotton

These pretty panda cotton anklets are one of the entries in the Blue is for April
and they come from the blog InsanKnitty where you can see a knit Golden Snitch, and a Sirius Black cloth and more!

you can see more colors of panda cotton, including the new menswear colors for fall HERE

blessings, :L

New Colors for Fall

Aren't these gorgeous? ! I am very eager to try them all, but i confess that it is Carlsbad
that i most want to knit to see what it does... then next.... hmmm Santa Fe is gorgeous, but so is Cacao Menta, and so is Turquoise 'n Copper! that littleE bit of green there is like Malachite too, also often found in copper mines - famous one in Wales that's well over 5000 yrs old!

The Taos line is HERE

I confess it makes lovely socks, and i need to share a picture of one with you. Other wonderful Taos patterns are HERE

blessings, :L

yummers New yarn!

This is the new Panda Silk DK wt.

oooh this is nice. have a sock on the needles now,
in this luscious color... "meadow mist"
you can see more of the pretties, closer up with labels at the link here


i think it's fun to change needle sizes and do a quicker knit... like socks, scarves, or ....
who knows??

AND of course w/ a DK wt there are silky shells and all sorts of fun ideas to anticipate!

Loopy's adventures

These are some pics of Loopy. One is a sneak peek of Loopy and the May blog contest for Lilac and Yellow, so you will see him again soon!
The others include Loopy with Panda CottonPanda Cotton colors in Sable.
Loopy is hinting that he wants sox too? I would personally distract him with his own Sable scarf!

Loopy's "Mom" and her knitting adventures can be found at the

sure is cute!!

Blue Panda Cotton Contest Entry

These Monkey socks in Panda Cotton PandaCottonColors are from the blog ShutUpImCounting

which has some lovely prom pics too!

unfortunately the socks went to a wedding so no further progress info!

anyway, be sure to look at the new "Men in Mind" Fall colors for the Panda Cotton!


i love how the colors look!

Bunny Hop girls' sweater

Talk about adorable!!

This is a new girl's sweater done in Bunny Hop Yarn colors

The yarn is a joy to knit! it's the wee bit of angora- adding the most incredible softness!

isn't it wonderful? of course the beautiful model helps too!
there's also a baby version of the same sweater!
Bunny Hop Baby Ruffle

blessings, :L

lovely kid merino scarf

This is a great blog - a real "page turner"... or is for me! photos & photo-quality are both just marvy!!


and then the Kid Merino scarf is gorgeous!!
you can see more Kid Merino colors HERE-kid merino colors
and more patterns knit with kid merino HERE-kid merino patterns

blessings, :L