Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entry #2 for Sept Blog contest

These lovely socks are by DebW, and you can see more details about this woman who knits like the wind at her blog Debi-doodles.

The yarn is the gorgeous new Panda Soy PandaSoyColors in the colorway Stained Glass.

These were the August sock-of-the-month kit at KnitterdotComSockoftheMonthClub and the design is by someone i know. the intent was to use a mini-cable to show off the pretty color changes....

i think the pretty gladiolus makes the socks look even nicer - but i will confess that i just found a nice garden surprise - glads that wintered over in the deep fuchsia/plum of the sock!


diamonds in his shoes

Laura Patterson Fiberdreams designed "diamonds in his shoes" for her DH, using Maizy sock yarn by Crystal Palace. The pics on this page of our website has a link to her SockPatternswithCrystalPalace and you can also see a variety of Maizy colors HERE

What's particularly interesting to me is to see the lovely version of the same design knit by
Veganknitting, also in Maizy.

I really like how this design looks! Kudos to both LP and Vegan knitter!

blessings, :L

Entry #1 for Sept Blog Contest

The yarn colors for fall are fall garden colors - and you will see one interpretation here, with the new socks Bianca made for her dh:

These are knit in Panda Cotton, in the new colorway Muir Woods - nice, hmmm?
LOL, i bet however that the pretty legs showing off the socks are those of Bianca's teen daughter, and not DH Johan!

You can see the set of new "with men in mind" colors here PandaCottonColors

Bianca is the "sockmom" designer for my yahoo group Sockathon for the month of october,
and will be featuring a new holiday stocking and holiday socks. come join the fun!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Panhandle Jane does Maizy!

I like the way the texture here shows off the Maizy colors... don't you agree that "Jane's" Maizy socks turned out really well? neat blog too at PanhandlePortals

you can see other colorways for Maizy - wonderful Corn yarn Maizy Colors

blessings, :L

The Middle of September

Pretties to share with you:

These are gorgeous! Panda Silk Colors socks designed by Redheadskydiver...

The pattern PDF is available on her blog and uses 2 colors of the panda silk - i like how the pattern shows off the color changes, don't you?

(i used to be a redhead, but never tried sky- diving... not so sure i'd do it now. i don't even like roller-coasters!)