Saturday, July 7, 2007

Panda Silk Express Delivery

This is what the mailmail brought me yesterday, and i had to DROP everything to cast on. This is the new CP Panda Silk, which - true to it's name has bamboo and silk- and the yarn has this incredible sheen! You know it's silk just looking at it.
However, it is a very well-behaved pretty, working just fine on my #2 bamboo needles from CP, for a gauge of about 8 spi [32 st/10 cm]. I wanted to use a sock-appropriate gauge, just to see how it will handle, but the colors were so yummy i wanted it against my neck so scarf has won out in terms of design.
I need to try a shot against a different background to show you the mini-cables flanking the two C4 cables,
and this is one yarn with which moss st is a joy - just watching the colors and feeling the silk flow through your fingers.
bottom picture is Remus, our very elderly flamepoint siamese with one of the kittens.
blessings, :L
ps are you watching Live Earth?

Panda Cotton Day

Panda Cotton - aren't they tempting and yummy?
I do have a few other colors not shown here, but wanted you to see these, as am about to show you a lot of smashing new designs with the PC.
it's saturday, 7-7, LiveEarth day. I tuned in last night when it opened in Oz, but had trouble
getting a good feed.
have peeked intermittently today but am busy playing with pretty yarn instead!

Obviously, this isn't all of the PC colorways, but is most of the new ones. I'm working on a baby jacket
with red trim and the fruit salad [the mixed colors next to the aqua in the bottom right picture].

blessings, :Laura

Sunday, July 1, 2007

new kittens

well these are our rescue kittens. On the left, the male and on the right, the female. I will try not to bore you with pics, but am going to sort of use them as mascots, as they're already chewing on my handknit socks.

Teffy is already playing with the little mouse while Shu watches - however she's the braver explorer and amazes me with her climbing abilities.

Oh, equal opportunity fairness now, this is Princess! Lovely girl isn't she? She gets to visit the CPY warehouse and see yarn before the rest of us... wouldn't you just love to help Princess unpack the yarn as it arrives?
Take care of yourself - and don't forget!!
show me your socks!

More Amazing Maizy Colors

my trouble is deciding which colorway to knit.
the NEWS #1010 reminds me of a favorite joke of my dad's
-"what's black and white and read [red] all over?" the newspaper!!
I once designed a sock based on that name for the Whenever group, with a red cuff and black and white tweedy foot. Looks as though I need to give it a go again!
Antique is also very soft and luscious, reminds me of old chintz and i want to knit it with the two shades of rose.
blessings, :L
news! we have two new kittens in the house. will get pics soon. al went for his run yesterday, and ran by this big clump of rocks and brush. on the way back, 15 min later, he heard a crying mew, and two red-headed kittens ran out - apparently just dumped off. he shooed them back while thinking about it as we'd decided no more pets - but as he ran home he kept thinking about them and came in and asked me - then drove back
with a cat carrier and brought them home.
so they're locked up in back bathroom, to stay until tuesday am. litter box, food, water, and basket for them to sleep. appears to be a little boy and little girl. very sweet.
the locked up time is b/c we have other cats - this allows them to get familiar by smell and makes it an easier adaptation.
the little rascals look small and helpless, but i've been nipped once - playbite too hard and am scratched. i have managed to trim one tiny claw on each of the two.
pics soon.
those of you who know my love for archeology and ancient egypt won't be surprised that i'm naming them for the twins "Shu and Tefnut".... Shu is the female.

Walking in the Corn

This sock is by KyleAnn and has been machine-washed too. Some of you may have seen it at the recent TNNA in Ohio.

blessings, :L, laura

More Maizy Pictures!

I am working on a couple of designs with these now - the neptune is just singing to me! But then so is another colorway... LOL, like siren's songs. I wonder which yarn will win out?

blessings, :L

Coming Attractions!

Pretty, hmmmm?
just some of the wonderful colorways for Maizy

This sock, in the fruit salad colorway, is by Nancy Wild
and the design will soon be posted at Crystal Palace yarns

blessings, :L, laura

ps if YOU have knit socks or anything else with the luscious Crystal Palace yarns
(especially Panda Cotton and Panda Wool) write me
and i'll post your design pictures and link!