Sunday, July 1, 2007

new kittens

well these are our rescue kittens. On the left, the male and on the right, the female. I will try not to bore you with pics, but am going to sort of use them as mascots, as they're already chewing on my handknit socks.

Teffy is already playing with the little mouse while Shu watches - however she's the braver explorer and amazes me with her climbing abilities.

Oh, equal opportunity fairness now, this is Princess! Lovely girl isn't she? She gets to visit the CPY warehouse and see yarn before the rest of us... wouldn't you just love to help Princess unpack the yarn as it arrives?
Take care of yourself - and don't forget!!
show me your socks!


kembra said...

I love this sock. For those of us with 'not tiny ankles' this sock would be perfect--give the illusion. Thank you, kembra

Moms90 said...

Hi, you can never bore me with stories of rescued kitties. I just love them, they are adorable. I too have rescued kitties and full grown cats. My hubby and I just love our rescued cats and our white little dog, Max. CP yarns and needles are great. I love anything or everything about CP!! I just finished a pair of sock using CP Cotton Panda. Loved it tremendously.

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Ah gee, are they cute!

My wonderful pair of cats passed away several years ago and it's time for me to replace them! Having two is so much more fun (for them and you!)

The blog is looking great!


prof laura said...

So far it's going ok with the kittens although it's a lot more litter-box work! they sleep together but are not 100% joined at the hip and are developing or showing distinct personalities. She is much more curious and exploratory, but then he's fiercest when he finds the little toys.