Saturday, July 7, 2007

Panda Silk Express Delivery

This is what the mailmail brought me yesterday, and i had to DROP everything to cast on. This is the new CP Panda Silk, which - true to it's name has bamboo and silk- and the yarn has this incredible sheen! You know it's silk just looking at it.
However, it is a very well-behaved pretty, working just fine on my #2 bamboo needles from CP, for a gauge of about 8 spi [32 st/10 cm]. I wanted to use a sock-appropriate gauge, just to see how it will handle, but the colors were so yummy i wanted it against my neck so scarf has won out in terms of design.
I need to try a shot against a different background to show you the mini-cables flanking the two C4 cables,
and this is one yarn with which moss st is a joy - just watching the colors and feeling the silk flow through your fingers.
bottom picture is Remus, our very elderly flamepoint siamese with one of the kittens.
blessings, :L
ps are you watching Live Earth?

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