Sunday, July 1, 2007

More Amazing Maizy Colors

my trouble is deciding which colorway to knit.
the NEWS #1010 reminds me of a favorite joke of my dad's
-"what's black and white and read [red] all over?" the newspaper!!
I once designed a sock based on that name for the Whenever group, with a red cuff and black and white tweedy foot. Looks as though I need to give it a go again!
Antique is also very soft and luscious, reminds me of old chintz and i want to knit it with the two shades of rose.
blessings, :L
news! we have two new kittens in the house. will get pics soon. al went for his run yesterday, and ran by this big clump of rocks and brush. on the way back, 15 min later, he heard a crying mew, and two red-headed kittens ran out - apparently just dumped off. he shooed them back while thinking about it as we'd decided no more pets - but as he ran home he kept thinking about them and came in and asked me - then drove back
with a cat carrier and brought them home.
so they're locked up in back bathroom, to stay until tuesday am. litter box, food, water, and basket for them to sleep. appears to be a little boy and little girl. very sweet.
the locked up time is b/c we have other cats - this allows them to get familiar by smell and makes it an easier adaptation.
the little rascals look small and helpless, but i've been nipped once - playbite too hard and am scratched. i have managed to trim one tiny claw on each of the two.
pics soon.
those of you who know my love for archeology and ancient egypt won't be surprised that i'm naming them for the twins "Shu and Tefnut".... Shu is the female.


iris said...

about the kitties,
check the female and see if she has even 1 black hair. this is interesting , color genetics in cats is sex related. red tabbies only come in male, if female they have the gene for black and become tortoise shell calico, exclusively female.
about CPY,
panda silk ???!!!
i'd better get a second job, i'm going to be addicted to that panda too.

prof laura said...

Hi Iris,
no black hair anywhere on either cat.
am about to post pics of the panda silk! oooooh my!
blessings, :Laura