Wednesday, August 6, 2008

adorable - i want one!

This great shrug is knit with Kaya Kaya yarn card , and goes up to 1x. i love it, and really want one myself.
The free pattern is hereKaya Shrug Pattern

blessings, :L

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Winners 4 for May, June, July !

Kenyetta with her gorgeous felted bag (find Kenyetta on Ravelry)

Lisa - with her simple sock Joans-simple-socks

Cathy (who did both of these socks)


Margit ! with her charming monsters!

if you see this before i come back, email me


August - Blog contest HERE + OlympicSox2008

Well, the yarn color for your August knits is gold for hot sunny summertime.

future colors will be:
sept = fall herbs mix for fall colors
oct = orange for Halloween
nov = yellow for topaz (birth stone of Nov)
dec = red for holiday season

so anything you knit in "gold" using Crystal Palace yarns is eligible for prizes!

As well, we've just finished our TourdeSox2008 and had a number of great contestants, and gorgeous sox, and lots of winners.

About to open the OlympicSox2008 blog, so you can write me
[email to: or or]
to join and get contest info.

ps. will have the drawing and post our May/June/July blog winners shortly!

blessings, :L