Saturday, July 21, 2007

Panda Cotton: Credit where it's Due (F)

This Panda Cotton sock is knit from an Ann Norling pattern found HERE

These folded cuff socks were knit from the same pattern.

This slouch sock, knit by Linda Martindale, also used the Ann Norling pattern.
am going to put up some new pics soon!
blessings, :L

Thursday, July 19, 2007

OOH - more pretty socks!

This sock is so cute! Kimberly was in the midst of a move and found time to play with the irresistible Panda Cotton!
Her fun & chatty blog is Wovenspun, and look for the June 30 date.
blessings, :L

Panda Cotton: Credit where it's Due (E)

The top sock is called Hedera. Knit here in Panda Cotton by Adrienne Fong, the Hedera Sock was designed by Cookie A for the spring2006issue of

The lovely multi-colored Panda Cotton design shown here is the RPM Sock Pattern, which was designed by Aija Goto for Knitty.
The pattern for the RPM Socks can be found HERE-thesummer'06issue of Knitty.
The socks were knit for CPY by Michelle Fischer, whose blog i will post shortly: soapy fibergal. I want to check in with her first, and see how she is doing!

blessings, :L

ps there are still 3 more Panda Sock designs to post, i think. so will do that soon!

Panda Cotton: Credit Where it's Due (D)

The pictures here show how one colorway of Panda Cotton, NightLights, looks rather different as you change the pattern design.
The first set of pictues are of the design "Laser LightShow" by Joann Cole;this pattern can be found HERE.

The 2nd Nightlights picture is of my own design "Scallops" which is found

The 2nd picture is of my own design called "scallops" and found


The sock has the twined heel i love to use (published previously in several places) which also enhances wear.

blessings, :L

Panda Cotton: Credit where it's Due (C)

These pictures are of the design "Early Spring" by the designer Janice Kang with Panda Cotton in the colorway Ivory.

You can see more of her work on her blog, JaniceKang
blessings, :L

Panda Cotton: Credit where it's Due (B)

The two designs here, Bamboo Walking Socks (top)
and Menehune (bottom) are more lovely examples
of the diversity of Panda Cotton.
The Bamboo Walking Sock was designed by Joann Cole, Superior knitting patterns, with pattern HERE

The Menehune sock was designed by Adrienne Fong and knit in BOTH Panda Cotton and Panda Wool, so the pattern has excellent diversity of use. You can see more about Adrienne HERE

blessings, :L

Panda Cotton: credit where it's due (A)

Well, my previous post had a lot of pretty PC socks, but it seems upon mature thought, that it's better to have shorter posts with bigger pics featuring all the hard work of the various designers.

so this is a new post with better attributions.

The pics here are of the design "Checkered leaves" in Panda Cotton by Nancy Wild

You will seeing MORE, a LOT more, by this talented designer, who's also just opened a shop [see her blog for details].

blessings, :L

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Panda Cotton Socks

Time for more "show and tell".
I'm in pain from the weather-related issues of a former broken ankle and the pounding headache brought about by roofers since 6 am! [start early to avoid the heat.... only 2 more days to go! LOL] so while my foot is propped up here are some pics for you!

These wonderful sock pictures and their patterns (or links) can be found at CrystalPalaceYarns

all being different panda cotton socks!!

I think i shared that i'd never found a cotton i wanted to use for socks, and CPY has at least two
yarns that have made a total convert of me!

These last two pics are two different patterns done with the Nightlights colorway - and one is my own design to show off the gorgeous colors.

Hmmm... we don't have all the colors here yet!
looks as though i'd better get busy playing with more yarn, oh what a sacrifice! LOL
blessings, :L

Monday, July 16, 2007

better 'n icecream!

Pictures of the Panda Silk are up! This yarn - 52% bamboo, 43% machinewash merino, 5% combed silk - will be available in winter. More detail at Crystal Palace Yarns .

I've been playing with the plummy yarn #4006, making swatches and perhaps a cabled scarf. I do have a yummers sock in my mental clipboard to come next!

Then there's this incredible beauty to show you .... superb is an understatement!
More details can be found at the knitflix blog

I can promise this is one yarn YOU will want.

blessings, :L

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Panda Cotton Lily Lace & Frogs

Great Panda Cotton Lace by Suzi who plans to make these into frog socks with frog on theheel. looooove the lace!

Frog socks reminds me of course of frog socks by KyleAnn in our 2nd book of the Friendly socks set [available from me at Sirius Knitting ]

or email me

p.s. i'd also love to know how to make the email link LIVE.

blessings, :L

Victorian Lace [July 15

These gorgeous socks were made by Kathleen from New Jersey

She used Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace Yarns in color Ivory, with US Size #1 Crystal Palace needles.

The Pattern is "Victorian Lace" from the Six_Sox_Knitalong/

Kathleen said "Beautiful Sock knit with a wonderful yarn"

blessings, :L