Monday, July 16, 2007

better 'n icecream!

Pictures of the Panda Silk are up! This yarn - 52% bamboo, 43% machinewash merino, 5% combed silk - will be available in winter. More detail at Crystal Palace Yarns .

I've been playing with the plummy yarn #4006, making swatches and perhaps a cabled scarf. I do have a yummers sock in my mental clipboard to come next!

Then there's this incredible beauty to show you .... superb is an understatement!
More details can be found at the knitflix blog

I can promise this is one yarn YOU will want.

blessings, :L


LeAnn said...

The Crystal Palace page shows Pnda Silk only in prints - will it be available in solids like your ivory in MS3? I love the look it is giving you.

danielle said...

Gosh, I drooled over the plum color and dripped it onto the one right below it. Those are both such yummeeeeee colors!

prof laura said...

Yo Danielle!
i agree 100% on these colors. I am seriously thinking about something using some of each color, with visions of a rainbow scarf in mind. i love love love the tonality, and the yarn is just amazing.
i made test swatches with 3 different needle sizes - #5 us, #3 us, and #1.5 us and all felt wonderful. The 5 or 6 size needles would give good lace definition (i think kathleen is using #6 for her shawl), the other two would be great on socks.
i am a relatively tight knitter though, so my #1.5 us might be another person's #0.

blessings, :L

prof laura said...

the MS-3 shawl is by "bogie", whose link is there... and is just magnificent!
anyway, i do know for sure that the solids in panda silk will include ivory, and i believe a luscious latte color too.

prof laura said...
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prof laura said...

Argh, sorry.
It is Bogie doing the Shawl, not kathleen as my comment says about
re ps and needle sizes.