Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Panda Cotton Socks

Time for more "show and tell".
I'm in pain from the weather-related issues of a former broken ankle and the pounding headache brought about by roofers since 6 am! [start early to avoid the heat.... only 2 more days to go! LOL] so while my foot is propped up here are some pics for you!

These wonderful sock pictures and their patterns (or links) can be found at CrystalPalaceYarns

all being different panda cotton socks!!

I think i shared that i'd never found a cotton i wanted to use for socks, and CPY has at least two
yarns that have made a total convert of me!

These last two pics are two different patterns done with the Nightlights colorway - and one is my own design to show off the gorgeous colors.

Hmmm... we don't have all the colors here yet!
looks as though i'd better get busy playing with more yarn, oh what a sacrifice! LOL
blessings, :L

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