Friday, February 1, 2008

sorry, contest is over!

Hi folks,

more people are commenting and trying to enter the contest, but it ended midnight
last night. so i won't post your comments sorry!
the treat of the day - new vest in sizes for ample knitters!
Free Ample Clothing

blessings, :L

Jan '08 Panda Silk Contest -ends midnight 1/31/08

This is it!
the last of our 4 contests to win Panda Silk. Do enter - we may surprise you and pick more than 4 winners!!
all you have to do is post a comment - but one comment only, and not fair to enter if you won in January.
best of luck!

ps, panda silk is now in many stores and available also by mail order from many. be sure you look
at the Panda Silk Crystal Palace Yarns page to see a list of vendors!

blessings for the new year!
ps this post will remain at the top of the list until the contest ends.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KyleAnn's Maizy Walking Socks

The pattern for these socks is here: FreeMaizySockPattern, and you may already remember that Maizy is that "amaizing" LOL new yarn by Crystal Palace yarns made with a corn (Maize) fiber.

Aren't these lovely? I think it's partly the color and partly the springy shape. I will likely knit myself a pair soon!
The design is by KyleAnn Williams, KyleAnn's blog.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

pretty kitty!

I too have little snoopy kitties!

pics and great knitting here at creativepopoffs

the socks are panda cotton, and the design is quill lace.
love it!

pretty socks!

pretty socks too. they're panda wool and just a lovely colorway!
what i love about seeing socks knit up, besides the stitch patterns, is that often the yarn is even prettier on the sock than in the skein

This is an enjoyable blog to explore... wish i lived in the seattle area, as i'd love to take lessons!
seattle yogini

Monday, January 28, 2008

Poirot Socks

I love Poirot - and wish there were some new BBC episodes!
and these socks, seem perfect for him, except the color... i do think this is not
a Hercule-approved color [surely he'd be wearing a dove grey?]

but except for that... i think they're sooooooooooooo perfectly gorgeous!!

Now, the blog is bigalice - no more pics yet... but i hope to get an update soon.

and the yarn is Maizy - and lots of pretty pics of yarn to see.

my confession here is that this blog and it's magnificent diversity of pics makes me wish i took more pics and blogged more. think i will try.
we have lovely snow right now.... and i've been rearranging in the house... putting a shelf up against the west windows for my plants and coming seed starts.

Anyway, these socks make me want to knit them... great knit!
blessings, :L

Swanknitter's Mangoes and Socks

Fair warning - the jam pics on this blog page will make your mouth water!!

well, i confess i wish i were there in Australia to have some yummy jam! pooh!

Very interesting blog... and nice to see what it's like on the other side of the world. here it's snowing... and there it's summer becoming early fall!

At least i can admire the socks.

These are PandaCotton Crystal Palace yarns>

Indian Corn Socks by Mary

Mary has these lovely socks up on her blog: Mary Knits&More
knit these lovely socks with Crystal Palace Maizy - in the colorway Indian Corn.

all i can say is wow- i love how the colors look here!
you can see this colorway and others here Crystal Palace Yarns

blessings, :L

Bianca's Chevron Socks

Aren't these pretty? I like how the pattern shows off the yarn colors. The yarn is Panda Cotton, in colorway Fern Crystal Palace yarns
Also, I must admit that I love being able to show you "in progress" as well as final shots .... which i should remember when it comes to my own knitting
and go take some pics!!
Bianca's blog is PawsforThought

Pattern deets: Chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, knit on 2.5 mm DPNs, in Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in "Fern"

blessings, :L, laura