Monday, January 28, 2008

Poirot Socks

I love Poirot - and wish there were some new BBC episodes!
and these socks, seem perfect for him, except the color... i do think this is not
a Hercule-approved color [surely he'd be wearing a dove grey?]

but except for that... i think they're sooooooooooooo perfectly gorgeous!!

Now, the blog is bigalice - no more pics yet... but i hope to get an update soon.

and the yarn is Maizy - and lots of pretty pics of yarn to see.

my confession here is that this blog and it's magnificent diversity of pics makes me wish i took more pics and blogged more. think i will try.
we have lovely snow right now.... and i've been rearranging in the house... putting a shelf up against the west windows for my plants and coming seed starts.

Anyway, these socks make me want to knit them... great knit!
blessings, :L

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