Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amazing, truly!


These are Cathy's Maizy socks - you can see more info at her blog SaturdayKnitLive

i think it's phenomenal work!! they could be framed!!
more Maizy colors here Maizy yarn colors


spring colors!

Panda Cotton Ferns

sometimes simple is best - Kala knit these Panda Cotton socks in fern VeganCraftastic
and you can see more colors here

Cold Puppy?

This gorgeous entrelac shawl was designed by KyleAnn Williams kyleannskreations
and uses Merino-5 color cards for Merino-5
don't you think Jackson is a good model?

Wendy Knits

Wendy's Waterfall sock

A special thanks to Wendy for allowing us to share her Waterfall Socks pattern.
This button link will take you to Wendy's site for some great knitting information and patterns.

ps Wendy's new book is "Socks from the Toe up" will be out soon!- it's on my shopping list!

Speedy Elegance

This scarf is on MY to do list!

Suzi Knits - Tortuga

lovely socks aren't they?
you can see more, including how to get the pattern, at SuziKnits
the yarn is Mini-Mochi in the tapestry rainbow colorway Mini-Mochi Colors

Ohio Monarch

do you know who the Monarch of Ohio is? the Cardinal... and that was the inspiration for these gorgeous socks by KyleAnn Kyleannskreations

Springtime Knits

These are soooooooooooooo adorable. Kala VeganCraftastic made the birds and nests from wee bits of various Crystal Palace yarns. They look like they belong next to the dark choc bunnies in our easter baskets!

new TAOS colors!

i adore knitting with Taos.
i have a great Peace bag and 2 Pete Seegar-styled hats to show you soon... but first, here are the new colors!TaosColorCard


These pics are by Kala VeganCraftastic and are for California. Muir Woods.


More sneak peeks for the 50 Socks-50 States book!!

These are pics of the Geranium socks for the state of Kentucky, by Denise Henderly. Denise is also doing Virginia, Montana, and New Mexico.

Mass Lighthouse & Sneak peek of NH

Fall Colors for New Hampshire

Lighthouse - a fave subject for Michelle (Soapy) Fischer for Massachusetts.

both designs were knit with Merino-5 colorsforM-5


Embellishknits This is the final Mississippi design for the upcoming '50 Socks - 50 States' book by Debbie Haymark.

Louisiana !

I thought the colors of the Mini Mochi for the Louisiana socks were perfect in supporting the inspirational theme.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

my lovely hat [if i do say so myself]


This hat pattern is up on the Crystal Palace Site MMHat. It was knit with the 101 Intense Rainbow colorway Mini-Mochi color card but would be fun in most colors.
My husband is eager to wear it - so it's pretty versatile!

The Mini-Mochi yarn is a joy to knit with - i can't stop myself from "one more row" each time, and i love watching things grow as i knit.
but i also love how knits and purls show you a different "face" of the color, so it's fun creating wee pattern variations to keep the colors popping. and finally, the top was a lot of fun to do even though it's simple - enjoy!

blessings, :L, drlaura