Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vog 'on Panda Cotton

The socks shown here are by "Fluffy Knitter Deb" and are going to be Panda Cotton footies for Deb's mom - in a very yummy colorway called "Blueberries- grapes".
(I am using it, among others, for a luscious Kid Merino Scarf Crystal Palace Yarns and i promise the colors just sing!)
You can see more about Deb, including the amazing list of knail lacquers here Fluffyknitterdeb. I think she said that the pattern was "Vog'on" from Knitty.
blessings, :L, laura

What did you think of the Poll on Sock Needles?

I was very surprised, myself, by the results.

We asked "when knitting socks, do you prefer"

4 dpn = 26%
5 dpn = 31%
1 circ = 20%
2 circs = 27%
and "depends" 7%

that means that the use of circs combined is 47% while the use of dpn is 57%. To me, it signifies
that the circs have really come into their own for a lot of people, while others still love the
I personally love the dpn and tend to use 4 as i just like the tactile feeling of the CPY bamboo needles and the silly porcupine look of it... every time i try to use 5 dpn i find myself back using 4 without planning it.

were you surprised?

we did have one lady write who really loves doing the 2-needle straight method and adding
a seam.

blessings, :L

More Maizy

This sock was designed & knit by Debbie H and is a nice Man's {large woman's} cabled sock. The colorway is "night shades" and is awfully nice (high on my dh's list of socks he'd like).
The pattern will be available FREE on the website Crystal Palace Yarns

I love the way Debbie has the cables juxtaposed to one another. Just lovely!
blessings, :L


There are some luscious new colors for Maizy, to add to all the the other wonderful ones HERE Crystal Palace Yarns! I am enjoying the opportunity to test the new colors and just finished a wee sock using Earth.
I just love all the tonalities and really enjoyed knitting with it.
Maizy is a Vegan's delight in terms of fiber content - the recyclable and environmentally sound corn fiber as well as cotton. It's got a very interesting feel, nice and soft with a slight velvety texture. Interesting tactile to knit and this colorway was a lot of fun!
Am scouting around for more Maizy pics so let me know if you have some

blessings, :L, laura

Monday, September 24, 2007

Star Search Sunday

Ssssh, it's really Monday, but I'm late posting these!
What can i say, I've been helping the gnomes knit and the time got away!
This is a new scarf in Panda Silk designed by KyleAnn Williams - named "Silken Ease".
It's about 6 ft long... and the color is Butterscotch tones ...
you can see more of her work HERE on her blog.
Susan at CPY will take more pics and will post then. Wish you could see and feel the yarn
as the sheen and hand are just incredible... sooooo lovely.
blessings, :L