Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What did you think of the Poll on Sock Needles?

I was very surprised, myself, by the results.

We asked "when knitting socks, do you prefer"

4 dpn = 26%
5 dpn = 31%
1 circ = 20%
2 circs = 27%
and "depends" 7%

that means that the use of circs combined is 47% while the use of dpn is 57%. To me, it signifies
that the circs have really come into their own for a lot of people, while others still love the
I personally love the dpn and tend to use 4 as i just like the tactile feeling of the CPY bamboo needles and the silly porcupine look of it... every time i try to use 5 dpn i find myself back using 4 without planning it.

were you surprised?

we did have one lady write who really loves doing the 2-needle straight method and adding
a seam.

blessings, :L


Claudia said...

I never tried knitting socks with circs - I'm so used to my dpn. A lot knitters in Germany are surprised that I use 4 or 5 dpn depending on the pattern. I normally start with 4 for the cuff and then I decide to use 4 or 5 dependig if i have 3(6) or 4(8) pattern repeats. But I prefer 4 dpn because I have the impression that I knit faster with 4 than with 5 dpn.

Happy knitting, Claudia

DrLaura said...

i tried the circs once and hated it so have never tried again. your idea of the pattern affecting the needles is brilliant! will give it a try.
blessings, :L