Wednesday, September 26, 2007


There are some luscious new colors for Maizy, to add to all the the other wonderful ones HERE Crystal Palace Yarns! I am enjoying the opportunity to test the new colors and just finished a wee sock using Earth.
I just love all the tonalities and really enjoyed knitting with it.
Maizy is a Vegan's delight in terms of fiber content - the recyclable and environmentally sound corn fiber as well as cotton. It's got a very interesting feel, nice and soft with a slight velvety texture. Interesting tactile to knit and this colorway was a lot of fun!
Am scouting around for more Maizy pics so let me know if you have some

blessings, :L, laura


Ariel said...

Does maizy shrink or expand when washed? I just turned the heel on some toe up socks for hubby and he says it feels just perfect, but even a bit smaller would be too tight. I don't want the sock to be too small after washing, but I'd rather not frog my turned heel either.

laura said...

Hey Ariel,
our experience is that there is NO shrinkage at all, so you should be fine.
however - two thoughts.
a) some folks like a slightly looser sock fit in general = like me! i hate a tight sock as it's 'claustrophobic'! your hubby may be like that

b) for an item you will have longer than 6 months, it's smart to put in a wee bit of ease. we always buy our t-shirts one size larger as even the most gentle wash & dry leads to some shrinkage over time