Thursday, December 13, 2007

Suzi Socknitter

Suzi has done some lovely socks i wanted to share with you:
one pair is Maizy, the new CP yarn in corn fiber; the other pair is Panda Cotton.

They're gorgeous, aren't they? You can see more at Suzi's blog SuzisKnits

i love both yarns, and have a hard time picking which to knit, so i make my choices based on the colorway. trouble is Susan and the folks at Crystal Palace keep adding wonderful new colors!

My new fave is called Rose Musk and is a new colorway for Panda Wool. Will take a pic for you...
but i'm also enamored with the new dotty prints in panda cotton, and am working on the cutest anklets!

blessings, :L

the excitement & the challenge

Janice Kang designed and knit the Sydney socks - inspired by the Sydney opera house.
Her blog is knitflix

These "Sydney" socks are just exquisitely beautiful.
However, the design is not for beginners... are you up to the challenge?

Models are shown knit in Crystal Palace Yarns Maizy and Panda Wool and the free pattern
is found at Crystal Palace Yarns - on the free patterns page, or the "what's new" pages.

dec 12

I finished the baby hat
match the adult earflap hat.

thought you'd like to see.
the cables are a bit simpler on the baby version. have already mailed one off, so can't photo
the adult has a central cable for center forehead that al says makes it kind of "warrior" like,
while the baby version has only the paired cables.

the hats were a lot of fun to do - which i'd say is because the Crystal Palace Iceland is so nice to knit!

hope your december, holiday season, is going well!
we've had a lot of snow sprinkles here... about every other day for 4-5 repeats... dry and fluffy stuff, so not too difficult.

blessings, :L