Saturday, March 22, 2008

oh my! yummy!

Isn't this great?! lovely photo really sets it off artistically.
this creation is by Kala, who's blog is Vegan Craftastic
the egg uses Crystal Palace Panda Cotton
and don't you just loooooove the bunny?
Designed by Cathy L, he's Calorie-free
go see more! there's a pattern there for chicks too!
oh the bunny was made with Crystal Palace Merino Frappe

i confess to having a hard time finding either sugar-free candy or dark choc for our easter baskets. we wanted a dark choc bunny.... wwwahhh!

andrea's bag

Andrea P just knit this lovely Taos bag, designed by Terry Ross.
and it's the right color for this month's contest too!

blessings, :L

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This pretty sock was knit by Adrienne Fong with Panda wool.
see blog bellybuttonknits

Adrienne is a talented designer who's pretties are on the free sock pages at

ps this is entry #3 for march

bianca's 2nd march entry

This sock is a design by Bianca Becker, and uses Panda wool

This is the sock design that will be in the next Friendly Socks book.
Bianca's blog is Lansingerland