Friday, June 20, 2008

lovely yellow baby blanket

This lovely blanket, knit with Bunny Hop, fits right into the May is Lilac or Yellow theme, and the design fits with today being summer solstice. apparently this is the earliest solstice since 1896... you know it specifially relates to the orientation of the planet in the universe, in relationship to the sun.... go GOOGLE and find out!
anyway, the wonderful free pattern for the blanket is HERE

off to try some curried onion and spinach lentil soup!

in the summertime


it's going to be 89 F here today & our air conditioner is not in top condition.
so am thinking summertime... and saw this lovely pattern for a summery shell in bamboozle.

crystal palace yarns free pattern Bamboozle cabled shell

this is very pretty isn't it?

we have a quail family in our yard... i was out looking and picking flowers - like the colors in this shell! and saw daddy quail on card and 8 tiny little ones about the size of a leaf! they scurried away with mom and were soooooo cute! imagine grass less than 2 in high, and one went into the grass and i couldn't see it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Candy Toes!

These wholly adorable little shoes were knit with Panda Cotton Cinnamon by Catherine M,
whose blog is yogurtandgranola

of course the same yarn was used to make adult socks....

and... there's a special 2nd picture with the shoes. can you figure it out?
hint... see the blog.

Catherine took a web pattern and tweaked it - i think the results are wonderful!

blessings, :L

Bamboozle Ruffles

I think this is gorgeous... and wanted to share. The sweater
is knit with Bamboozle - cotton and bamboo blend-which is very very yummy and soft, as well as machine-washable! The free pattern is
CrystalPalaceYarns Free Bamboozle Ruffled Jacket

you can see how the jacket ruffled front plays off the yummy print colors.

blessings, L

Lilac for May (entry #2 in the May-June-July contest)

These lovely lilac socks were designed AND knit by Monica J. at worksforyarn

They're called "Step into Summer" -

The yarn shown is Panda Cotton - gorgeous !!

You'll be seeing Monica again soon as she also designed and knit some June socks ...

but i wanted to give her another entry instead of both on one page!

good luck Monica

ps - did you know i wear size 8?

... the cobbler's kids have no shoes, the designer has no socks... waaah! LOL


0-6 Mo Free baby sock pattern

Adorable Ian again, in his cute panda soy baby socks (color is Cocoa Mint) .

Also shown here are the same socks in Maizy Earth color.

and now you can knit the free pattern Crystal Palace Baby Socks

by the way - Ian in the photo is 15 pounds and 5 mo old... grandma Beth, member of the Crystal Palace Knit-Team, said that the socks were perfect as there was even a little "room to grow".

blessings, :L

ps the pattern is designed for fingering-wt sock yarns, such as Panda Soy, Maizy, Panda Cotton,
and i think Panda Wool and Panda Silk [knitting those now]. You can easily knit it with #2 us needles, or #1.5 depending on what you need for gauge.
remember, babies don't walk! so their socks don't have to be super-dense to stand wear...
just need to be adorable!

............. hmmm. the socks could be plain - the babies are the adorable ones!

blessings, :L

ps there is also a pretty lacey panda silk baby sock on the site at - free patterns!

White for June - entry #1

Here's our first entry already!

The gorgeous hat is by Susi- and the beauty is Isabella in her "blumenhut" - that's
"blooming hat" or "hat with flower blossoms"....

Susi used Merino-5 to make this hat.

i love it!

that roll-brim shape is lovely on many people, but being young and gorgeous makes it even better!

blessings, :L

Solstice Gift - Colors for May, June & July

Hi folks,
well - in previous months i've been able to set the date so the contest rules were at the top of the blog.
blogger has changed things - dating a post "ahead" now means it won't be posted until it's date.
so this note cannot stay at the top of the blog through the contest.......

LOL, you may have noticed that we didn't do a May contest, and haven't announced June yet either.

Soooooooooooooooo, today i'm announcing that until July 31, '08, at 11:59 pm you can enter to win with anything knit in 3 color ranges -=

A. May flowers - lilac/lavender or yellow

B. June brides - white

C. July fireworks - multi-colored

so email me with pics and/or links to pics of your knits with Crystal Palace Yarns in any of these colors!

prizes will vary - might be yarn or might be knitting books or might be knitting magazines, but it will be special!

blessings, :L