Monday, May 5, 2008

Loopy is making more progress on socks!

well, you last saw this yarn in the "hands" ? paws of Loopy and he was trying to get some socks of his own - look through the blog entries below - and now there's a whole Person sock [no sheep sock, sorry] in pretty Sable Panda Cotton.
as well, there's a gorgeous lacey scarf! interesting - blocked so well!
all these treasures are shown in more detail at SaturdayKnitLive so go look!
and ... please, help Loopy have some more clothes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

news flash! panda silk runs the marathon

Just amazing.
Love the golden gate design by Suzi and then she made the sock design have extra details to protect your feet.

these Panda Silk socks are sooooooooooooooo beyond cute and kewl and have even been washed 2x after wearing to run!

see more about the marvy socks and the designer HERE on Suzi's blog

blessings, :L

Lovely Radka knits

the shawl is Panda Silk, a baby shawl, which Radka has just finished knitting, and blocking.
We'll have some more pics of it soon, but it's soooooooooo luscious.!!

The other knit is the sleeve of a baby sweater. Just looking at Radka's attention to detail
and careful work makes me happy... i can see it's just gorgeous and going to be a nice
baby knit!

blessings, :L

May news!! New Kits coming!

What do i have OTN: "on the needles"?
I am doing another version of the sock in these exciting new kits!!

These are pics of the NEW Crystal Palace kits called "Crazy8".
This one is Panda Wool, and is my own knit.
This is a picture of Samantha's model in Panda Cotton.
And this is a picture of Beth's knit model also using Panda Wool.

The plan is to make kits with Panda Cotton, Panda Wool, Maizy, and later Panda Soy!!

The kits will include 5 Crystal Palace DPN plus and 1 full skein of the MC, and enough of 4-5 coordinated colors wound off to make ANY woman's size, and a man's small-to-medium size!!

And i promise it is fun fun fun!!
blessings, :L
ps i also posted this on my own blog SiriusKnitting