Saturday, February 16, 2008

pretty panda cotton

Neurotic Needles and the great Panda Cotton socks she knit for college daughter.
these are the Florida feet.

blessings, :L, laura

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pink is for Rachel's daughter

I love the story of these socks! The picture is from Rachel's Flickr . She wrote me that the yarn is panda cotton, and that the color was picked by her 3-yr old! That's one great girl, hummm?
Rachel writes:
"The ruffle is reverse engineered from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet. I knit my socks toe up and the ruffle was written top down. The single sock has been sitting as a shop sample at my lys. I told the owner that I would need to claim
it when the second sock is done. Good thing for my daughter that I always
knit her socks so big and the panda cotton is stretchy. (I think I will
be getting 2 pairs from a 50 g ball).

So Rachel is now our 5th entry in this month's Colour contest!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

another color heard from

This is Marcelo, at 23 months. Very photogenic, hmmm?
the lovely new outfit uses Bunny Hop Bunny Hop free crochet pattern
you can see a lot more wonderful colors too bunny hop for this luscious part angora yarn!

Pink is for Patternworks and Adrienne Fong

These pretty "Menehune" socks Menehune socks Free pattern were designed and knit by Adrienne Fong Bellybutton Knits, using Panda Cotton and they work equally well with Panda wool.

What's even neater is that the socks were featured in the most recent patternworks catalog on the 2-page crystal palace spread and i'm so happy they picked her! (maybe my turn will come one of these days ... slightly off-topic but WHY is "envy" green?)

Adrienne is entry # 4 in our Pink is for February contest!

blessings, :L

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is a good month for cute baby things like this Bamboozle Striped Baby Jacket Free Pattern

I also like the idea of this pretty capelet to keep warm! Lately I'm finding i'm at the hot/cold age - never just right! Aran Marl Capelet Free Pattern

What do you think of the pretty pink bag handles?? I just love how they set off the colors!

The bag uses both Blippity and Cotton Chenille for this yummy look.

more later!
blessings, :L

Pink is for Peggy Shawl

So here's our 3rd entry into the Pink is for February Contest. This is the Peggy Shawl another superb Jackie ES pattern Heartstrings which was knit by KyleAnn - and more details can be found at KyleAnn'sBlog

the yarn is one of my faves from Crystal Palace KidMerino It's just amazingly soft and well behaved and pretty pretty pretty!
Oh, the colorway here is "strawberries - limes". luscious!!

blessings, :L

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm in the Pink - what did the groundhog see?

You know, i forgot to pay attention to the groundhog this year. That's feb 2 isn't it? so what was the verdict? it's a balmy 45 F here, and the snow is melting - birds are atacking the feeders - and i'm dreaming of garden catalogs and summer melon.
This is the party lace top free pattern

The yarn does all the work for you here with this Taos Beret taos beret free pattern

Bamboozle Sampler bamboozle sampler free pattern

Cotton Chenille "Kitschy Apron" ApronFreePattern

Aran leaf top Aran Leaf top free pattern.

The pinks and patterns i'm finding just amaze me... all inspirational!
what do you think?
blessings, :L

Dragonfly by Kenyatta !!

This is just soooooooo amazing. First, i think dragonflies are very very neat- just beautiful to watch!
Then second, they are lucky too!
The pics here are from Kenyatta's Flickr account kaj159599.

The cloth is knit with Bamboozle in Sprite Green and Fuchsia Bamboozle Color Card and i confess that it's a great example of this technique - sure makes me want to knit it myself!!

Bamboozle is 55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton, 21% Elastic Nylon and is a joy to knit with - no i'm not biased! LOL.
Seriously, it's the yarn i'd use for slightly stretchy socks and all sorts of fun things. The elastic is just enough to provide a wee bit of give but not enough to mess up the gauge - you just knit normally and ignore it!

So Kenyatta is #2 in our Pink is February contest!! Good Luck!
blessings, :L, laura

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More More Pink Socks!

The pretty pink sock here at the top is Panda Silk, knit by Cathy Hannigan.
The wee slipper is knit in Puffin
by Nancy Wild, and includes details on how to put in elastic for proper fit.

blessings, :L, laura

More Socks .... Thinking Pink!

These first two pics are of the Menehune sock (featured in the newest Patternworks catalog!) and designed by Adrienne Fong for either Panda Wool or Panda Cotton.

The lovely Crystalline Lattice socks by Janice Kang are knit in Panda Wool
The Peppermint Panda sock here is my design (Laura A- SiriusKnitting) featuring Panda Cotton in one of the newest Dotty Pink colorways
Finally, here below is a mini-cable sock in Merino 5

The white model is one I knit; the other was knit by Bianca Becker.

Socks- Pink is for Feb

These pics are of socks made with Kid Merino yarn. I love this yarn... so soft and a hugely wonderful color palette. For me, the hardest part is picking only one color! The socks were knit and designed by Cathy Campbell and the pattern is HERE

You can find out more about these patterns at CrystalPalaceYarns.
This pic is a close-up of beaded cuff socks knit by Debbie Haymark, using Ann Norling pattern #12 and Bamboozle yarn. The Bamboozle is wonderful for kids things, and babies too, and i love the slight elasticity. This is my choice to use instead of a "not-to-be-named" summery yarn with too much elastic that gave me hurty feet.

blessings, :L

More PINK- and hints for coming month's contest colors

The lovely "model" in the pretty pink panda silk sock is Susi's daughter - for whom these socks were a valentine's gift!
how nice is that? !

The lovely Panda Silk Socks shown here were knit by Susi S. - with yarn she won in our Panda Silk drawing! They are to be a surprise valentine's gift for her daughter, so will soon have more pics to share.
Anyway, Pink is for February - contestant #1 is Susi S!!

The 2nd sock is my own design, Panda Cotton/Panda Wool Scallops [have used both for this pattern]. scallops sock and it won the "knitter's seal of approval" in being one of the last sock patterns knit by my beloved friend Debra Chinn.
blessings, :L

ps if you are paying attention - am going to tell you that
"Aquamarine is for March" [pale aqua] and
the color for April is "light blue greens or blue mix for April Showers"
and for May "
lilac for spring flowers"