Sunday, February 10, 2008

More PINK- and hints for coming month's contest colors

The lovely "model" in the pretty pink panda silk sock is Susi's daughter - for whom these socks were a valentine's gift!
how nice is that? !

The lovely Panda Silk Socks shown here were knit by Susi S. - with yarn she won in our Panda Silk drawing! They are to be a surprise valentine's gift for her daughter, so will soon have more pics to share.
Anyway, Pink is for February - contestant #1 is Susi S!!

The 2nd sock is my own design, Panda Cotton/Panda Wool Scallops [have used both for this pattern]. scallops sock and it won the "knitter's seal of approval" in being one of the last sock patterns knit by my beloved friend Debra Chinn.
blessings, :L

ps if you are paying attention - am going to tell you that
"Aquamarine is for March" [pale aqua] and
the color for April is "light blue greens or blue mix for April Showers"
and for May "
lilac for spring flowers"

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Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Hi Laura,

What a great idea you have come up with for our THEME by colors! This is going to be fun to see each month.

Thanks a heap!