Sunday, July 8, 2007

what do we mean by "and More" ?

Remember that "socks and More" in the blog title?
Well, this is why.

Shown below is Sandy Mann, modelling a great new design by Nancy Wild. Nancy designed and knit the sweater for her sister, who was thrilled with the softness of the Panda Cotton yarns.

This top, designed for "ample petites" is made with Panda Cotton, and was designed by Nancy Wild,
who also has a new Michigan shop!
The pattern can be found at Crystal Palace Yarns.

You can see the excellent drape, and with the bamboo content of the yarn and it's relative-light weight - this is one summer top that won't be too warm!

blessings, :Laura

Periwinkle Panda Cotton

These lovely Panda Cotton socks are done by Laura, whose blog is Fiberdreams The colorway is Periwinkle and she designed the pattern herself.

I love how the eyelets come down the foot - and am curious to see what happens with one of the multi-colored PC yarns!

Here is another lovely sock design: Periwinkle Socks Designed and Knit by Lisa Dykstra
You can find the pattern on the Crystal Palace WebSite

blessings, :L