Saturday, December 1, 2007

WINNERS !!!!! Panda Silk Contest #2 is over

Hi all,

this contest is now closed.
winners chosen by random number generator:
24 = crazzybunny
65 = elaine
91 = deepa
23 = jogswithdog
Timestamp: 2007-12-02 21:23:39 UTC

so now, please do the following
1: go to panda silk
and choose your 3 fave colors.

2. email me, proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom [convert AT to @ and DOT to . and remove spaces as needed] and give me your name, addy info and your color choices ranked in order of preference!

3. dance around and be happy!

at the top of the blog is the post for the 3rd contest ... for the month of December. again it will stay at top of blog, being pre-dated, until midnight 12/31... and new year's eve 2008!!

blessings, :L

Panda Silk Contest Two (Nov1-Nov30 don't miss out!!)


this is the blogpost for your comments in our 2nd Panda silk contest. I will stop counting entries at midnight 11/30 so don't be late!

we have 3 winners for the first panda silk contest:

this post will stay at the top of the blog until 12/1
andey layne []

cherryl []

& Susi - junglemama

each won 2 skeins of panda silk in their choice of colors.
anyone know these folks?
please write me at or and thanks! [i am embarassed to tell you that my former email hasn't been working - thanks to Andey for letting me know!]

contact me &/or i'll try to reach the two of you that i can.

Susi-i can't follow any trail with your email to find you
blessings, :L

Friday, November 30, 2007

panda silk is coming !!

aren't these lovely? Susan just finished these two new easy and quick scarves with panda silk.
the one on the left is 2 strands making a yummy blend!

then here's a lovely wrister made by bianca with the tonal green panda silk.

these final two shots are of the pink ribbons mommy sock with the new baby
girl socks. and of course the fun shot of the sock in progress.

we'll be announcing the Nov Panda Silk winners soon!
in the mean time, back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

blessings, :L