Friday, November 30, 2007

panda silk is coming !!

aren't these lovely? Susan just finished these two new easy and quick scarves with panda silk.
the one on the left is 2 strands making a yummy blend!

then here's a lovely wrister made by bianca with the tonal green panda silk.

these final two shots are of the pink ribbons mommy sock with the new baby
girl socks. and of course the fun shot of the sock in progress.

we'll be announcing the Nov Panda Silk winners soon!
in the mean time, back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

blessings, :L


BarbaraME said...

Oooh Laura - what yummy yarn! The socks are gorgeous!

alpacababe said...

I love these socks! Where can I fine the pattern? I am a fairly new sock knitter although have been knitting for years.

Marlette, MI

laura said...

hi there!
thanks for commenting.
all the patterns here are free at and look for the free patterns header at top of page.
a couple are in preparation, so won't be on the web immediately, but soon!
blessings, :L