Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blue Tuesday

Here are some nice Baby/Child-related items in blue Crystal Palace Yarns to share.

baby blanket

baby blanket

log cabin

child's pullover


New Panda Cotton Colors

I love the idea of "with men in mind" as these colors really hit the mark for
my own husband!

blessings, :L

Knit-Team in Action!

Andrea is working on a baby sweater using Panda Silk. The pattern is called Baby Bobbles
and thought you'd like to see!

Andrea is also the knitter who did the smashing jacket a few blog pages back!

blessings, :L

Blue Hawaii

This lovely Panda Silk sock - the design is Kilahuea by Adrienne Fong - was knit by Barbara M.
So guess who's in the April contest!!

The free pattern is here Free Sock Pattern
blessings, :L

Panda Silk & Suzi!

Lovely new sock design by Suzi Suziknits
in Panda Silk, and the Nutmeg colorway.

blessings, :L

Monday, April 7, 2008

March Winners

I can't believe i forgot to blog this! i sent the notice to the socklist...

Hi folks,

the random drawing winners for our "Aqua & Green for March" blog contest for Crystal Palace Yarns are Noella with her "I Love Gansey" socks in Ultramarine Panda Wool; Deb B with Panda Silk socks, and Julia -whose blog is with her Thuja Blues socks in Merino 5.

please contact me <drlauraasirius@gmail.com> so we can arrange to send your prizes!

Don't forget, "Blue is for April", so if you've knit something blue with Crystal Palace yarns, send me pics and your info and we'll post your pics and enter you into our contest.

blessings, :L, laura

Sarah's Travelling Vines

Very nice... Entry for the "Blue is for April" contest - by Sarah C.
This pattern is "Travelling Vine", and the yarn is Panda Cotton, in the blueberries-grapes colorway!
great knit!! thanks for sharing, and good luck!

blessings, :L

Blue blue ... bags & hats

Popcorn Hat

Lace Hat

totefolioFree Pattern

What's New and Blue?

Panda Wool colors

Cute Marcelo in new vest

wonderful shrug with great details

All of the pictures here are from the "what's new" page at CPY -
so you can go check them out.

Once i finish putting up "blue blue what's new" - i will move among the various free patterns
found here Free Patterns at Crystal Palace Yarns and show you socks and shawls and sweaters and hats and bags and ... you name it!

blessings, :L

Blue is for Bianca's Baby Hat

This sweet baby hat was made with only one ball of Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, by Bianca B.

You can find the free pattern HERE-BunnyHopHat

The adorable model is Wietse,
who just had a birthday i think? I know his Mom did, and his older brother too....

Bianca's blog is Lansingerland

blessings, :L

ps i also put in a picture of the "all blue" potatoes we planted.
the compound making the color is the same as that which makes blueberries blue, and it's a healthy antioxidant. i'm so curious to taste them, and can't help giggling thinking of a 4th of july - red/white/blue potato salad!

Counting down to baby socks

That's not actually what Veronica calls them - on her blog ItchyStitchy
but there's this wonderful "baby meter" there.... so the countdown stuck in my brain.

They are Monkey Socks, in Panda Cotton, colorway Fall Herbs

Veronica is another entry into this month's BLUE contest

blessings, :L

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lazy Maizy


Wait until you feast your eyes on these pretties!
they're by Kala whose blog is VeganCraftastic and it's a new pattern she's designed called "Lazy Maizy".

The yarn is Crystal Palace Maizy, and Kala made them to be comfy "Lazy" socks.

I must confess i was thinking about Kala today, as i was making curried lentil burgers.

Crock pot of lentils, with seasoning and bay leaves; rice cooker of brown rice with some
kashi grains. sauteed 1/2 large onion with 2-3 tablespoons! (that's right) of curry powder; sauteed 3 minced celery stalks. (it's important to heat the curry powder in skillet - kind of frying it takes the "edge" off or makes it better - and not bitter- in recipe).
mix 2 cups whole wheat bread crumbs, 2-3 cups of DRAINED lentils - the draining juice is a yummy soup!, and 2-3 cups of rice, plus the onions and celery. make patties and cook in black iron skillets on stove.
yummers! and beats $4 for commercial veggie burgers!

blessings, :L

ps this is my own adaptation of the spicey black bean burgers you can find at veganagogo

New! New! New! !!!

Ooooh, can you tell i'm excited?

I get to tell you about the wonderful new Panda Soy yarn - pictures here PandaSoyCard

and here PandaSoySwatches
and then this handsome fella! This is Ian in new Panda Soy socks knit by our Alaskan Knit Team member, G'mom Beth! Her daughter, Ian's mom, gave us permission to show off this Cutie! what a smile!!

I think he likes the socks too!

You will find out that the yarn has a wonderful "hand" and feel as fabric. It doesn't feel like cotton, or like Maizy [which i think has a velvety feel]. It is rather silky, and has that nice Bamboo sheen... i think you will love it!

We should have a pretty summer sock to show you some time soon.

Ps more surprise news coming!

blessings, :L
don't forget to send me pics of BLUE Crystal Palace knits! for april contest!