Sunday, April 6, 2008

New! New! New! !!!

Ooooh, can you tell i'm excited?

I get to tell you about the wonderful new Panda Soy yarn - pictures here PandaSoyCard

and here PandaSoySwatches
and then this handsome fella! This is Ian in new Panda Soy socks knit by our Alaskan Knit Team member, G'mom Beth! Her daughter, Ian's mom, gave us permission to show off this Cutie! what a smile!!

I think he likes the socks too!

You will find out that the yarn has a wonderful "hand" and feel as fabric. It doesn't feel like cotton, or like Maizy [which i think has a velvety feel]. It is rather silky, and has that nice Bamboo sheen... i think you will love it!

We should have a pretty summer sock to show you some time soon.

Ps more surprise news coming!

blessings, :L
don't forget to send me pics of BLUE Crystal Palace knits! for april contest!

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Breien in Lansingerland said...

Panda Soy is looking wonderful! I like the colours :-)