Monday, December 31, 2007

Panda Silk Contest #3 [ends 12:01am 1/1/08]

welcome to our 3rd contest to win 2 sk of the luscious new Panda Silk yarn.

this post is dated to dec 31/new year's eve so it will be at the blog top until the contest ends...

what to do? post a comment.
only 1 comment is allowed, and we will need to get in touch with you to give
you the prizes! so keep peeking back....

and now, back to your regularly scheduled knitting. keep an eye out to see
the winners for contest #2!!

blessings, :L

Sunday, December 30, 2007

urban farmer&knitter&photographer&more!

Lovely Panda Cotton socks by Linda windycitygal

this 2nd photo is also by Linda

it reminds me of a special moment during a weekend Zen retreat when some monarchs were perched on my arms and hands.

Linda is a very busy urban gardener and etc -
take a look at her blog - she's raising some lovely chickens !!

blessings, :L

knitasha's monkeys

Cinnamon Panda Wool Monkey Socks by Knitasha

I love poking around on various blogs to see what folks are up to... so many are just Inspirational!! getting me out of MY rutt!

here's one - these lovely monkey socks in Panda Wool are by Becky aka "Knitasha"... Knitasha_von_stashenskein

blessings, :L

vegan happy feet!

Nice socks, huh?
Kala's blog shows us progress photos, which i really enjoy, and the look of the
final sock is just smashing!
i love the strawberries-limes colorway
of panda cotton and never tire of seeing it made up!
then this nice sock in tree photo is very catchy too!

nice knits here - take a look!

blessings, :L
ps the vegan chocs look sooooooooooooo yummy!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Monogrammed Maizy by Agnes

Ok, you have to go to knittinginthevalley

to see more about these gorgeous socks Agnes knit for her DH with Maizy Crystal Palace Yarns

I think he looks like a quarterback here- fast on his feet and graceful too!
and look how well the socks fit!

then there's the monogram - i think it's brilliant, but not so sure i'd have the courage to
do it, unless perhaps i'd done it before and practiced.

i once did some monogrammed pillow-cases for my mom's birthday, but that was embroidery
on high count linens, so i think knitting would be different to sew on.

i haven't seen my DH dancing in his socks... this is something i will watch for next time i knit them !!

blessings, :L

Friday, December 28, 2007

Fern Socks

Well, i'm impressed.

These are Denise's first socks. Panda Cotton and colorway Fern!
I like how the pattern plays off the colors too!

Take a look at her blog k2sc1 and i think you'll agree too.

blessings, :L

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crosshatch Panda Wool Socks

Outside there is "white stuff" falling from the sky and it looks like over 2 inches. so that makes me not only enjoy the beauty but also think of green and so these socks qualify.

there's also the lovely Crosshatch Lace and the wonderful Panda Wool.

these are just some of the treasures to be found at


blessings, :L

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Suzi Socknitter

Suzi has done some lovely socks i wanted to share with you:
one pair is Maizy, the new CP yarn in corn fiber; the other pair is Panda Cotton.

They're gorgeous, aren't they? You can see more at Suzi's blog SuzisKnits

i love both yarns, and have a hard time picking which to knit, so i make my choices based on the colorway. trouble is Susan and the folks at Crystal Palace keep adding wonderful new colors!

My new fave is called Rose Musk and is a new colorway for Panda Wool. Will take a pic for you...
but i'm also enamored with the new dotty prints in panda cotton, and am working on the cutest anklets!

blessings, :L

the excitement & the challenge

Janice Kang designed and knit the Sydney socks - inspired by the Sydney opera house.
Her blog is knitflix

These "Sydney" socks are just exquisitely beautiful.
However, the design is not for beginners... are you up to the challenge?

Models are shown knit in Crystal Palace Yarns Maizy and Panda Wool and the free pattern
is found at Crystal Palace Yarns - on the free patterns page, or the "what's new" pages.

dec 12

I finished the baby hat
match the adult earflap hat.

thought you'd like to see.
the cables are a bit simpler on the baby version. have already mailed one off, so can't photo
the adult has a central cable for center forehead that al says makes it kind of "warrior" like,
while the baby version has only the paired cables.

the hats were a lot of fun to do - which i'd say is because the Crystal Palace Iceland is so nice to knit!

hope your december, holiday season, is going well!
we've had a lot of snow sprinkles here... about every other day for 4-5 repeats... dry and fluffy stuff, so not too difficult.

blessings, :L

Sunday, December 2, 2007

what's been happening lately


i've been drooling over the silk sooooooooooo much that i've not shared some other fun stuff.

this yummers hat is what i've been having fun with. the yarn is Iceland from CPY to see the colors. this pic is of the adult hat; am now working on one for a baby.
and doing a version in lovely Kaya.
the pattern should be up soon with other free patterns, and pics on models and etc.
as always, go to and click on links to find scads of free patterns, including some well-organized lists for amples and socks and more! there are also pages showing you all the yarn color cards.

also, this is "the peggy shawl" in strawberries-limes kid merino [oooh soft!]

with a starting closeup and a final view.

this was knit by kyleann williams whose blog is on the sidebar. the shawl is [i think] a jackie es pattern.
here are more shots of my nutmeg sock - the foot has a ribbed instep, which feels yummy,
the design is by me, and the yarn is panda silk.

you can see that i carried the leg design down onto instep until i finished the gusset decreases; then i ribbed the foot the rest of the way on top, and used another rib underneath.

the final pic is of the "wildwest" or cowboy/cowgirl puffin slippers. this pattern is in a baby size as well as being sized for adult woman or man. it is quick and fun and soo soft.

blessings, :L

Saturday, December 1, 2007

WINNERS !!!!! Panda Silk Contest #2 is over

Hi all,

this contest is now closed.
winners chosen by random number generator:
24 = crazzybunny
65 = elaine
91 = deepa
23 = jogswithdog
Timestamp: 2007-12-02 21:23:39 UTC

so now, please do the following
1: go to panda silk
and choose your 3 fave colors.

2. email me, proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom [convert AT to @ and DOT to . and remove spaces as needed] and give me your name, addy info and your color choices ranked in order of preference!

3. dance around and be happy!

at the top of the blog is the post for the 3rd contest ... for the month of December. again it will stay at top of blog, being pre-dated, until midnight 12/31... and new year's eve 2008!!

blessings, :L

Panda Silk Contest Two (Nov1-Nov30 don't miss out!!)


this is the blogpost for your comments in our 2nd Panda silk contest. I will stop counting entries at midnight 11/30 so don't be late!

we have 3 winners for the first panda silk contest:

this post will stay at the top of the blog until 12/1
andey layne []

cherryl []

& Susi - junglemama

each won 2 skeins of panda silk in their choice of colors.
anyone know these folks?
please write me at or and thanks! [i am embarassed to tell you that my former email hasn't been working - thanks to Andey for letting me know!]

contact me &/or i'll try to reach the two of you that i can.

Susi-i can't follow any trail with your email to find you
blessings, :L

Friday, November 30, 2007

panda silk is coming !!

aren't these lovely? Susan just finished these two new easy and quick scarves with panda silk.
the one on the left is 2 strands making a yummy blend!

then here's a lovely wrister made by bianca with the tonal green panda silk.

these final two shots are of the pink ribbons mommy sock with the new baby
girl socks. and of course the fun shot of the sock in progress.

we'll be announcing the Nov Panda Silk winners soon!
in the mean time, back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

blessings, :L

Thursday, November 22, 2007

mea culpa- and LOST panda silk winners!

Hello folks
i've just learned that mail going to my FORMER email
"drlaura DOT sirius AT gmail DOT com" isn't being delivered.

i have set up a new email
"drlauraAsirius AT gmail DOT com" or "proflaura AT firststepinternet DOT com"

and removed the old one.

i need the 3 winners of the panda silk contest from october to contact me
please! [11/22 have heard from one]
if we don't hear by 12/1 when we will announce the nov. winners, we will
have to draw again...

i do know that one person said she was having trouble reaching me... that's
what set me on this new email path.

blessings, :L, laura

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

lost winners? come home !

on 11/1 we announced that

andey layne []

cherryl []

& Susi - junglemama

each won 2 skeins of panda silk in their choice of colors.
anyone know these folks?

contact me &/or i'll try to reach the two of you that i can.
Susi-i can't follow any trail with your email to find you, so you have to find me.
hmmm wonder if announcing winners is ok on sockknitters?

blessings, :L

Saturday, November 10, 2007

where's the silk?

some folks have asked about Panda Silk - and not being able to find it...
the answer is SOON.

this is a special new yarn officially to be released in Jan '08.
however!! TA DA.... the yarn is about to be delivered to various yarn stores, within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

blessings, :L

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Panda Silk Ribbons

I just finished this sock a couple of days ago. So that means i still need to finish the details on writing up the pattern.

the part i enjoyed the most was the ribbon stripes - turned out well, don't you think?

what is very exciting is that i am now unequivocally convinced that there is a lot lot of yarn in the panda silk skeins! i have now repeatedly made 7-8 in legs [above the heel] and then my 9.25 in foot, and still have leftovers.
ooh.. panda silk leftovers. droolworthy!!

so my current knitting is working on those leftovers to make a surprise, and also on a new sock with the gorgeous tonal green panda silk. i sure wish i had more hands! the solid green wants to be cables and it keeps talking to me!!

blessings, :L, laura

Star Search - Wednesday this time!

I wanted to show you a gorgeous man's sock design by Laura fiberdreams, for the new Maizy (corn fiber) yarn. The innovative title is "diamonds in his shoes"!

Laura [hmmm why do i love that name? LOL) has graciously permitted CPY to post the pattern, but do remember copyright, and specifically that the pattern is for personal use only! It is Laura's design!

I do understand the fun & agony of designing for one's significant other. In my case, Al has this thing about TALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL socks, so he wants a sock that's about 13 in above the heel, and then of course the larger man's foot.
so i usually do socks for him with a sport/dk wt. Merino-5 is a perfect yarn, knits quickly and soooo soft and lovely, and he's a happy camper.

blessings, :L, laura
ps have pics of a just finished "Ribbons" sock design using the new Panda Silk.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

winners 3 !!! for first panda silk contest

Hi there!

am pleased to announce three winners:

andey layne []

cherryl []


Susi - junglemama

please go to the Crystal Palace Yarns site HERE

and select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices of yarn. Some colors
are in now, and can be send quickly, others are still not here.
I will also need to have you email me privately
with your addy and full info - including color choice!

... Congratulations!

And for everyone else, the 2nd contest of 4 has just opened, so come try again!
We will have winners for November and December and January!

blessings, :L

Panda Silk Contest!! Comment to win! ends 11/1/07 12:01 am

On September 30th, this year at 12:01 am, we will begin a contest to win 2 sk of panda silk.

How it will work:

1. the contest starts 9-30-07 at 12:01 am, and will run until 11/1/07 at 12:01 am.

2. to enter, post a comment to this blog, on the Panda Silk Contest Page. I have dated this as 11/1/07 to keep it at the top of the blog.

3. prize determination will be with a random number generator using your comment number.

4. every comment will have a number (one entry per email/blog addy please)

5. several prizes will be given, with more prizes for more entries.

6. winners will receive 2 sk of the wonderful new Panda Silk yarn, great for shawls, scarves, socks and more!

7. Your color choice from Crystal Palace yarns will be honored if at all possible.

Get Ready! Get Set! Come Back and Comment to Win !!

blessings, :L, laura

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This luscious Kid Merino shawl (in colorway Sage) was knit by Tigerduck, whose blog is dotsandyarn

Design comments: "I used only three balls of the Kid Merino yarn (the last three balls in that colour when I bought them at Stash), and therefore had to knit the border on a smaller needle in order to be able to finish. 4 balls would have been better..."
the pattern is the Melon Pattern from Victorian Lace Today, Au: Jane Sowerby.
i love looking at lace... just amazing and this yarn is beyond special IMHO.
blessings, :L, laura

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bamboozle Baby

Barbara Breiter just completed a lovely baby blanket for Crystal Palace in Bamboozle.

The colors are soooo nice that i thought i'd also show you some other fun baby things in Bamboozle,
many of which are her knitterly designs also!

tomorrow, as blogger just told me it's unable

P.S. the baby is Marcelo Druding. You can see how he's growing by looking at these pics and others at