Wednesday, November 14, 2007

lost winners? come home !

on 11/1 we announced that

andey layne []

cherryl []

& Susi - junglemama

each won 2 skeins of panda silk in their choice of colors.
anyone know these folks?

contact me &/or i'll try to reach the two of you that i can.
Susi-i can't follow any trail with your email to find you, so you have to find me.
hmmm wonder if announcing winners is ok on sockknitters?

blessings, :L


Andey Layne said...

I sent you an email the day after you announced the winners. Could it be buried in your junk mail?
I am going to resend, just in case.

DrLaura said...

Hi Andey,

sorry i am not finding the email! checked all spam folders.
will you please write me at the email in the brackets below?
< proflaura AT firststepinternet DOT com>
this should solve the problem my "sirius knitting" site seems to have a glitch and isn't working.
on the positive side, you have great identity protection!
blessings, L