Saturday, December 29, 2007

Monogrammed Maizy by Agnes

Ok, you have to go to knittinginthevalley

to see more about these gorgeous socks Agnes knit for her DH with Maizy Crystal Palace Yarns

I think he looks like a quarterback here- fast on his feet and graceful too!
and look how well the socks fit!

then there's the monogram - i think it's brilliant, but not so sure i'd have the courage to
do it, unless perhaps i'd done it before and practiced.

i once did some monogrammed pillow-cases for my mom's birthday, but that was embroidery
on high count linens, so i think knitting would be different to sew on.

i haven't seen my DH dancing in his socks... this is something i will watch for next time i knit them !!

blessings, :L

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