Sunday, December 2, 2007

what's been happening lately


i've been drooling over the silk sooooooooooo much that i've not shared some other fun stuff.

this yummers hat is what i've been having fun with. the yarn is Iceland from CPY to see the colors. this pic is of the adult hat; am now working on one for a baby.
and doing a version in lovely Kaya.
the pattern should be up soon with other free patterns, and pics on models and etc.
as always, go to and click on links to find scads of free patterns, including some well-organized lists for amples and socks and more! there are also pages showing you all the yarn color cards.

also, this is "the peggy shawl" in strawberries-limes kid merino [oooh soft!]

with a starting closeup and a final view.

this was knit by kyleann williams whose blog is on the sidebar. the shawl is [i think] a jackie es pattern.
here are more shots of my nutmeg sock - the foot has a ribbed instep, which feels yummy,
the design is by me, and the yarn is panda silk.

you can see that i carried the leg design down onto instep until i finished the gusset decreases; then i ribbed the foot the rest of the way on top, and used another rib underneath.

the final pic is of the "wildwest" or cowboy/cowgirl puffin slippers. this pattern is in a baby size as well as being sized for adult woman or man. it is quick and fun and soo soft.

blessings, :L

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