Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Panda Silk Ribbons

I just finished this sock a couple of days ago. So that means i still need to finish the details on writing up the pattern.

the part i enjoyed the most was the ribbon stripes - turned out well, don't you think?

what is very exciting is that i am now unequivocally convinced that there is a lot lot of yarn in the panda silk skeins! i have now repeatedly made 7-8 in legs [above the heel] and then my 9.25 in foot, and still have leftovers.
ooh.. panda silk leftovers. droolworthy!!

so my current knitting is working on those leftovers to make a surprise, and also on a new sock with the gorgeous tonal green panda silk. i sure wish i had more hands! the solid green wants to be cables and it keeps talking to me!!

blessings, :L, laura

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