Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Star Search - Wednesday this time!

I wanted to show you a gorgeous man's sock design by Laura fiberdreams, for the new Maizy (corn fiber) yarn. The innovative title is "diamonds in his shoes"!

Laura [hmmm why do i love that name? LOL) has graciously permitted CPY to post the pattern, but do remember copyright, and specifically that the pattern is for personal use only! It is Laura's design!

I do understand the fun & agony of designing for one's significant other. In my case, Al has this thing about TALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL socks, so he wants a sock that's about 13 in above the heel, and then of course the larger man's foot.
so i usually do socks for him with a sport/dk wt. Merino-5 is a perfect yarn, knits quickly and soooo soft and lovely, and he's a happy camper.

blessings, :L, laura
ps have pics of a just finished "Ribbons" sock design using the new Panda Silk.


Laura said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for the mention in your blog. :-)

My husband has always insisted on what he calls "over the calf" socks. That, combined with his long feet have kept me from knitting socks for him before now. He liked this yarn I got to test from CPY, but they didn't send enough for such long socks. LOL He succumbed. No choice, really. ;-)

Reluctant Penguin said...

These are really nice, either for men or women. I especially like the fact that they are toe-up, so the cuff can be as long as the yarn lasts... a real issue when you are knitting for size 12 feet!

C Peek said...

Those socks are just gorgeous! Is the pattern or even a close-up available somewhere? Yum!