Thursday, June 19, 2008

0-6 Mo Free baby sock pattern

Adorable Ian again, in his cute panda soy baby socks (color is Cocoa Mint) .

Also shown here are the same socks in Maizy Earth color.

and now you can knit the free pattern Crystal Palace Baby Socks

by the way - Ian in the photo is 15 pounds and 5 mo old... grandma Beth, member of the Crystal Palace Knit-Team, said that the socks were perfect as there was even a little "room to grow".

blessings, :L

ps the pattern is designed for fingering-wt sock yarns, such as Panda Soy, Maizy, Panda Cotton,
and i think Panda Wool and Panda Silk [knitting those now]. You can easily knit it with #2 us needles, or #1.5 depending on what you need for gauge.
remember, babies don't walk! so their socks don't have to be super-dense to stand wear...
just need to be adorable!

............. hmmm. the socks could be plain - the babies are the adorable ones!

blessings, :L

ps there is also a pretty lacey panda silk baby sock on the site at - free patterns!

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