Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vog 'on Panda Cotton

The socks shown here are by "Fluffy Knitter Deb" and are going to be Panda Cotton footies for Deb's mom - in a very yummy colorway called "Blueberries- grapes".
(I am using it, among others, for a luscious Kid Merino Scarf Crystal Palace Yarns and i promise the colors just sing!)
You can see more about Deb, including the amazing list of knail lacquers here Fluffyknitterdeb. I think she said that the pattern was "Vog'on" from Knitty.
blessings, :L, laura


Molly, the BeanQueen said...

WOW & WOW!! what a great color Laura.
And I looked at that maize yarn - I thought is was quite lovely. All these things for me to try & no time yet.

drMolly, the BeanQueen

DrLaura said...

Hey Dr Molly! it is really fun to find the gorgeous knits by folks using Crystal Palace yarns and share them here.
speaking of that, LOL, am going to post your gorgeous kilt socks on the SiriusKnitting blog!

blessings, :L

Molly, the BeanQueen said...

Okey Dokey on the Kilt Socks. I have them done & was going to take some pictures, but the camera is at work & we had a bit of an emergency - healthwise on the DH's part - so I'll have to get it tomorrow & the pics will be up later.

I'm going to have to save up some $$$ so I can try the maize, the soy, the silk yarns, LOL.


Kat said...

I did Vog'Ons in Panda Cotton, too! :-) They're some of my favorite socks. I love that colorway of Fluffyknittersdeb's though--I'll have to look for that in my LYSs.