Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entry #1 for Sept Blog Contest

The yarn colors for fall are fall garden colors - and you will see one interpretation here, with the new socks Bianca made for her dh:

These are knit in Panda Cotton, in the new colorway Muir Woods - nice, hmmm?
LOL, i bet however that the pretty legs showing off the socks are those of Bianca's teen daughter, and not DH Johan!

You can see the set of new "with men in mind" colors here PandaCottonColors

Bianca is the "sockmom" designer for my yahoo group Sockathon for the month of october,
and will be featuring a new holiday stocking and holiday socks. come join the fun!

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Breien in Lansingerland said...

No, actually it was son Steven who modeled the socks. He almost has his father's foot size (Eur 44, and DH has Eur 46), and after I made the photos I wrapped them for the holidays :-)