Sunday, March 1, 2009

Joy of Sox

well, Lark books has written to say all is well - photos taken and book progressing for the release of "Joy of Sox" this fall. [wow! nice list of designers! waving!]
i must confess that i adore this sock design of mine in the book and am eager to show you. hint- my original title was "Lovebirds".

er ahem. does the name sound familiar? LOL, of course you recognize the famous "Joy of Cooking", The Joy Kitchen of which i have a special version.

mother gave me hers! the book she rec'd when she was married! the 1948 ed, (not shown here) has her own notes and she added some recipes too.
then while looking for pics to show you, i found a facsimile first ed! which i couldn't resist ordering.
anyway, mom's cookbook has most of her special recipes, and a couple famous family ones that dad loved, such as her white spoonbread...

Oh ?? you don't think "Joy of Sox" reminds you of "Joy of Cooking?" LOL...
how about this one???

Lark books is curious about how obsessed you are with socks... and there's a poll, Lark Sox Poll with a 3/15 deadline.

The results of the poll will actually be entered into the book - luckily without our names!

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BeckyS said...

The link to the poll doesn't work.