Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blog Addies for 50 Socks - 50 States

Hey folks

first, you can tell by the name that the book will have 50 socks & i think i've let the cat out of the bag, and revealed we will have more than 50 designs.

so, next = authors & where to find out more.

Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer is doing Louisiana and Canada HeartstringsFiberArts [look for wonderfully inspired lace and beads!]

some of us are alsobeginning to blog about it

Terry Ross: TerryRossDesigns

Helen Pope: ShadowDancer

KyleAnn Williams:KnittingWithKyleAnn

Debbie Haymark: EmbellishKnits

Adrienne Fong: Bellybuttonknits

Becky Yoder:

Kala Patterson: VeganCraftastic

I've shown you sneak peeks by several of these folks, and will post more soon.

What am i doing myself??

i am working on DE (ladybug toddler cuffed socks)


NY - Vassar College and the Shakespearean Garden

DC (smithsonian or .....)

SD (first peoples)

it's turning out to be hectic and fun too!

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