Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dear Santa... New Panda Silk Colors- and Contest soon!

These are all the solid and tonal colors for the soon-to-arrive Panda Silk. Do you feel as I
I want one of each. my stash urge is begging to touch and hold them, to wrap myself in the skeins and pet them... and then to fondle and knit lovingly. i will not be able to choose a fave color as each has it's merits... the heck with emeralds. i want panda silk.
when i really like a yarn, it becomes more than tactile - it's like i can taste the colors... the raspberry is so lusciously sweet yet tart, and the saffron is just elegant. the lemondrop tantalizes and the nutmeg makes me long to cast-on.
i am hopelessly lost.
you too can crave panda silk and then assuage that craving with a special stash enhancement award! . we'll be announcing a Contest soon!!
blessings, :L, laura

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