Saturday, September 15, 2007

Panda Silk Preview

Well, this is really just a sneak peek. I'm on the heel now, and will have more pics shortly. This is 'Nutmeg', colorway 4002. I must confess, what i keep thinking of is S'mores ... and may name the new design that!
I'm on the heel now, and should be able to turn it soon,
but have to go bread shopping right now.
As well, while i'm out, i'm dropping off cardboard, glass, and aluminum at our local recycling bins. Reminds me, to get a big wad of those ubiquitous plastic bags to drop off too!
Walmart takes them, which is good. None of the other groceries do, but my used book store, and thrift store are always glad for bags.
I bought some cloth grocery bags, but am slightly intimidated about using them. The checkers and customers GLARE at me, as i slow things down that way... but it's time to be pro-active for the environment and planet.
By the way, did you know that the Bamboo in Panda Silk is environmentally sound? It is a completely renewable resource - cut, and it regrows! I hope that more bamboo for consumers also means more bamboo for pandas!
blessings, :L, laura

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