Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finally - the April blog winners

Well, all the delays & fun & games of the past month have meant i'm much slower than intended!
We used a random number generator [as usual] to select the winners: 4. 6. 7
4 = Barbara M, who knit the kiluea sock designed by Adrienne Fong
6= Blogger "ShutUpImCounting"
7 Insanknitty

so you've each won 2 sk of the new Panda Silk in DK wt, enough for a luscious scarf
or something fun!

Pick from the following colors DK Panda Silk
Misty Meadow 1012
Frosted Iris 9800
Cranberry Tones 8011
Mint Cream 6008
Natural 6204
Denim Tones 8007

I've just finished knitting a sock with the Misty Meadow and another with Cranberry/Natural/Denim, and promise they are luscious!

Please email me or ASAP
so we can get your addies and send your prizes...

blessings, L


insanknitty said...

How Cool! :-) Thanks!

monica said...

Congrats to the winners

How does one participate in the contests.

drlaura said...

hi Monica-
we announce the color for the month[s] and then you email me with anything you have knit, using crystal palace yarns, in those colors!
i am now posting the contest through july 31 -
colors are
1. lilac/lavender/yellow (for may flowers)
2. white (for June brides)
3. multi-colored (for 4th of July
email to
with your pics of anything knit with Crystal Palace yarn!

good luck!