Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peek-a-boo! Guess what's New ??

These top pics are some of the new colors of Panda Silk. Just so dreamy!
(ER um - McDreamy would look good in a couple of these). There are also solids
- blogger snitched the pic i just uploaded!

Learn more at CrystalPalace Yarns

You know, am having that "morph" feeling again, wishing i had 8 arms and hands like an octopus just to be able to knit more things at once!!

These are the new colors of Taos. Lovely!! I am already brain=storming on the Cacao Menta- almost as good as chocolate! you can see more info about Taos at Crystal Palace Taos info HERE

The Kaya is beyond wonderful too. Veritably makes my hands itch wanting to pet all the colors

blessings, :L

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monica said...

Beautiful colors I love knitting with Taos.