Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is it!! MINI-MOCHI contest- drawing

OK !!
it's time... we will have a drawing for 4 (FOUR) people to each win 2 balls [no color choice] of
new Mini-Mochi yarn. you can see it here Mini-Mochi and also look at pics of model socks [by me MMochi-Toddler tall socks] and wonderful wrister [by Adrienne MMochi-wrister]

the drawing starts NOW, and will end midnite 12/2 PST, [duh daylight time is over] so you have 2 wks to jump in and sign up [one entry only please]. 4 names will be chosen by random number generator.

what to do

1. leave a comment on this BLOG-post
it MUST have your blog addy or email so we can contact you
[if not able to contact you, LOL, i get to keep the yarn myself!!!... and i have this mattress I want to stuff so i need a lot of yarn !! :-) evil grin. ]

2. agree to send me/us pictures of what you knit - both "in progress" and "final" preferred, and allow us to show them on this blog and on the CrystalPalaceYarns site

3. for now, sorry, but you have to be in the USA so we can send it to you right away!
we only have a teeny bit of yarn here now, with the big stock coming in Feb. not telling you
where it's coming or you'd get there before me with a big truck!

4. only one entry per person & per family!

so comment away!

i will keep an eye on the blog and assign entry numbers.
but remember.... if i can't reach you to mail the yarn, it's mmmmmmiiiiiinnnnneee [he he he !!]


debi's place said...

Yipppee I am the first. Should be the last, you can close the contest now. Just send it to me. I will be waiting.

drlaura said...

Comments already!
1. debi - who forgot to leave me her email or a link to her blog so if i forget that i know her i can keep her yarn, right?

2. KelliG, who did leave her email, so i can't steal, er um borrow, er um claim her yarn.

not 3 as she's in Holland, but Bianca - ask the Dutch store that carries CPY if they will be getting this? so i can maybe have a 2nd contest later.

Kelly G said...

I would love to make a whole drawerful of little baby socks in this yarn!

Purl's Page said...

I love contests! I love sock yarn! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

jessmama said...

What gorgeous yarn.


Jersey Shore Deb said...

I'd love to try for the Mini Mooch!

email ruthsgirl61[at]yahoo[dot]com

slosinj said...

This is very exciting and I am so ready to win. Thanks for the contest.
Susann with the Airedogs

Dana said...

Thanks for the contest. All of the colors are very pretty.

r said...


I'd love to win the yarn!

Thanks, Rebecca

Ruth said...

Ooooh, that yarn is beautiful!

Bo said...

Me three!!!!

Bo at

or knitterbo (at) yahoo.com

drlaura said...

3. Lorrie [Purl's]
4. Jessmama
5. JerseyshoreDeb
6. slosinj
7. dana
8. rebecca [r]
9. Ruth
10. Bo

good luck to all!
ps!! good news is that yarn may be in country by mid-late Jan [lol, in time to make hair ornaments for the inauguration!]

Anonymous said...

This yarn is gorgeous. I'd love to be one of the lucky winners!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful yarn!!!!


Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh! Thanks for sharing :) I'd keep my fingers crossed, but that'd slow down the knitting...

Diana Parker said...

I yearn for the yarn. I need yarn that is as soft as kittens, especially since it is such glorious colors. Me me me me me me me...

Radka said...

The mini-mochi colors are amazing! I just found out about this contest through Ravelry. Hard to believe December is only 2 weeeks away.

Alexis said...

Me too too!


drlaura said...

11. anon C
12. Sarah
13. knitting linguist
14 diana parker [isn't that wonder woman's "real" name?]
15 radka
16. alexis

Diane in Oregon said...

Nice yarn! Looking forward to widespread availability :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm making my first pair of socks right now!

cmtigger said...

Whoa! a yarn named after a cat from my favorite cat breed (though I have yet to own one, or should I say, one has yet to own me?). The colors are so pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, it looks gorgeous! I would love to make something pretty out of it! :)


marianne said...

this yarn looks gorgeous and I'd love a chance to win it!

The said...

pick me! pick me! :-D


Carolina Purl said...

OOOOH I love the colors! I don't know how to make socks but will be soooo happy to learn on this delicious yarn!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Gorgeous! I'd love to work with some of this stuff. The colors are amazing.

Tangled said...

like random things.

Or someone can draw my name outa da hat.


drlaura said...

17. diane in oregon
18. lemuroverlord
19. cmtigger
20. anon [ktp31]
21. anon [natalia]
22. marianne
23. the
24. carolina purl
25. anon [rav3n]
26. tangled

Cailyn said...

Those colors are so pretty! I knit my first socks out of Panda Wool. I'd love to knit with this new yarn! And I'm pretty good with pictures.


C. Cambern said...

I would love to have some new yarn to play with! My name is Chelsea.
my email is crcelf@aol.com
my blog is http://crcambern.blogspot.com/

(pick me!)

Anonymous said...

*pulls on hand knit socks and does an impromptu dance in the kitchen*

I love socks, and I love sharing pictures! Thanks so very much for the opportunity! *proffers cookies* Look... coooooookies.... *waves hands around in a mystical fashion*



Azlynn said...

I must own this yarn! All your Mini-Mochi belong to me! hehehe

I will proudly show off before, during, and after pictures of the project I make with it if I win (I better win)!


Fiera Firenze said...

The yarn is gorgeous! I would love to win some!! :)

I would put all projects on hold to snuggle and love and take care of this one...

Kari :)


tanglust said...

Hi this is Linda and I need to knit socks for my 5 yr old granddaughter and my 1 year old grandson.
I have so much yarn now hubby says I can't buy more. I would love to win this yarn - and will have pics for both my blog and to submit to your blog

Amy said...

ooooh, how pretty! I'm sure I could give this yarn a wonderful home and make it feel very loved!


CyberIstari said...

Oo, I love the colors! Yes, gladly, I'd take pictures for you!

CyberIstari said...

And, alas, I see that just the name link isn't enough. cyber dot istari at gmail dot com

PurlingPirate said...

Gorgeous!!! I want some too!!

PurlingPirate said...

Oh and my email is parceri(@)gmail(.)com!

LizzieK8 said...

I've been drooling over this yarn and even e-mailed my LYS about it!

soapy said...

very pretty! Love the stripping pattern how it fades....;o))

ChrisaBella said...

Ohhh...how nice. I can't wait to see what projects the winners come up with. The yarn is absolutely lovely.

Betsy said...

This would be perfect to try one of those designs that uses two balls of yarn...one for the background and one for a fair isle type design...

Pick me Pick me...I've been on a yarn diet so long I don't remember what new yarn is!


MLJ1954 said...

Oh, please, please, please . . . I have feet that would really like to be encased in socks made with this . . . and I am on a yarn diet but any yarn gifted . . . heh, heh . . .



Shannan said...

Very pretty yarn!


Lizardknits said...

Gorgeous yarn!

Anonymous said...

The new yarn is beautiful--thanks for having this contest.

Linda T.

suzzcq70 said...

I agree to love and cherish the yarn, share pictures of my FO, and gloat over my winnings!

suzzcq70 at gmail dot com

suzzcq70 dot blogspot dot com

Knitnik said...

Love the colors - I would certainly be willing to knit it up right away and send pictures!


or http://www.knitnik.com

BarbaraME said...

What gorgeous yarn! *raises hand* me, me! Pick me!

my blog is bionicknitter.blogspot.com

sjanova said...

Wow, that's lovely yarn. And I think my niece, who signs all the time for her counseling work, would love the wristers -- which one has the most purple in it? But then I'd need three skeins since I'd want a pair of socks too. How to choose!!!!???

(sjanova from Ravelry)

Noble Retrievers said...

What great looking yarn. I would love to win some.

Rachel said...

Very very pretty. count me in.

pyro_98 AT hotmail DOT com

wenat said...

Pretty colours -- thanks for the fun contest! (http://yarnfloozies.blogspot.com)

tweezle said...

OHHHH!! The yarn is lovely and would make a gorgeous pair of socks. Usually I make socks for everyone else, but if I won, I'd make these for ME :)

Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks lovely!

wcolefam (at) aol [dot] com

superpet said...

the yarn looks sooo beautiful! i am ready to win! :)


nj2 said...

Hi, I would love to try the new yarn. wymann2004atyahoodotcom

Maya said...

Wow, this is lovely!

Shelley Sears/meanauntshelley@yahoo.com said...

no no pick ME!!! I want the pretty yarn, please!

Amanda said...

I have yarn envy!!!!!!!!
This would immediately go to the top of the to-knit list!

amandam522 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Lovs2Knit said...

This yarn is on my must have yarn list when it is released. The colors are so yummy!
My blog an email are in my blogger profile but here's my email anyway. :) alreadycrzy at gmail dot com

rita said...

Hi! I love to knit socks, so I'm in! My next pair will be Panda Silk for my granddaughter; she picked it out.

Thanks for having the contest!

Kate said...

it's gorgeous! i have ideas already for how to use it.

a.k.a. yarnpro@gmail.com

BeadKnitter said...

What beautiful yarn! It's about time someone came out with a decent competition for Noro sock yarn (which is so scratchy I won't use it). Enter me in this contest please.

Linda Jo
beadknitter AT yahoo DOT com

lsk said...

Beautiful colorways. Thanks for the chance to win some.


phlame said...

Took me a while to figure this out! :)
I love the new mochi yarn...such beautiful colors...can't wait to get my hands on some!

Reba said...

This is lovely yarn. I am looking forward to knitting with it! :)


Liz said...

Thanks for the contest! Love yarn!
Liz F.

MrsAA said...

I would love to have this yarn. I am new to knitting socks, but am trying. Still have not knit socks without holes in the gussets though. I just rip them and try again.

Aria said...

i love the colors! they would make a great entrelac scarf!

Anonymous said...

I love the colorways. One or another this yarn will be coming to play on my needles :)
softy in Ky


lhamo55 said...

Very Nice colors!

lhamo55 at earthlink dot net

Suzi Anvin said...

OOOH! OHH! pick me! :) I absolutely adore these gradually striping kinds of yarns. Hey... need anyone to design up patterns for you? :-P I'd love to get this stuff on my needles ASAP...

Tabitha said...

Really pretty yarn. Love the way the color patterns.
Blog knit DOT tabithas heart DOT com

phoenix_anew said...

How fun! Maybe I'll be lucky ... http://phoenixanew.blogspot.com or phoenix_anew@hotmail.com

tapmouse said...

LOVE the wrist warmers, Adrienne! The socks are so cute, too. Thanks for enabling us-MORE lovely sock yarns to tempt us!


Beth in Seattle said...

This yarn looks yummy. There can never be enough sock yarn in one's collection. Thanks!
snoidgirl @ hotmail . com

Elaine Hager said...

WOW! I love the colors . .. hard to choose. Can't wait to feel the softness. Choose me please!!!

Elaine H
Circular Sock Machine too!

Owl Chick said...

Those yarn colors are yummy...I have yet to knit my first pair of socks but maybe I'll get lucky and win some yarn!


carrie said...

So pretty! I would love to knit socks with this yarn!

Anonymous said...

Pick Me!! Pick Me!! It all looks awesome - I can't wait to win some...


Anonymous said...

I'd love to win, but I'm in Scotland.........
Joan drooling........

Anonymous said...

Yarn colors are beautiful, winning would give me an excuse to learn to knit socks! Thanks for a great giveaway!


jdhforjc said...

Hi, yes,yes,yes! I will send pics!
mom and me knitting@blogspot.com

Janette said...

There's always room for more yarn here! The colors are wonderful :)

Huggybear on Rav

jdhforjc said...

My daughter Katie wants to enter too. She is involved in the holiday KAL. If so her name is Katie and she uses my email address.
And she will agree to anything too!
or jdhforjc@gmail.com

|chee-uh| said...

I can't wait to use this yarn to finally knit a pair of socks for myself! Now you've got real mochi stuck in my brain, going to go to Mitsuwa to get some red bean and herb ones. Yummy.

drlaura said...

27. cailyn
28. c cambern
29. anon [drama]
30. azlynn
31. fiera firenze
32. tanglust
33. amy
34. cyberistari
35. purlingpirate
36 *SOAPY* [need email]
37 chrisabella
38 betsy
39 mlj1954
40 shannan
41 lindaT
42. suzzcq70
43 knitnik
44 barbarame
45 sjanora
46 noble retreivers
47 rachel [pyro]
48 wenat
49 tweezle
50 anon [wcolefam]
51 superpet
52 nj2
53 maya
54 shellysears
55 amanda
56 lovs2knit
57 rita
58 kate
59 beadknitter
60 lsk [?Isk?]
61 phlame
62. reba
63 liz
64 mrsaa
65 aria

drlaura said...

66 anon [softwhite]
67 lhamo55
68 suzi anvin
69 tabitha
70 phoenix_anew
71 tapmouse
72 beth in seattle
73 elaine hager
74 carrie
75 anon [dawn]
not 76 Joan in scotland - Hi!!
76 anon [kim]
77 jhdforjc

good luck to all!
ps i'm starting a baby sweater with the MM!
guess what color?

kims place said...

Thank you so very much for running this contest~
Happy Thanksgiving

drlaura said...

dear Jhdforjc - sorry but we can't add your daughter. one entry per person/family. you could always give your yarn, if you win, to your daughter!

dear Chee-uh - you are making me hungry!

drlaura said...

78 janette
79 owl chick - whom i missed earlier! argh, sorry. hope this is a lucky number for you!

Anonymous said...

oooh that is gorgeous!
pick me, pick me ---- PLEASE :)


drlaura said...

80 kims place
81 anon [jani22]

good luck!

Sue C said...

I'd love to win some new yarn!
Sue C

Anonymous said...

I love the shadings on this yarn - gorgeous!! Sign me up!

Marlene from Michigan

drlaura said...

82 SueC
83 Chee-uh
84 Lizardknits
85 lizzie8
folks, i'm sorry - i've missed a couple of you and so you're added now. PLEASE check - that i have assigned a number for you!

Jan said...

Janet Miraglio

I won't win but put my name in the draw anyway.

Jan said...

Janet Miraglio

I won't win but put my name in the draw anyway.

Kim Murphy said...

Count me in for the drawing


maryaycock said...

What awesome yarn and I LOVE the Wristers! Crystal Palace yarn ROCKS!
Mary Aycock

drlaura said...

86 anon [marlene]
87 jan caffina
88 kim
89 mary aycock
good luck folks!
i'm about to post new pics of a sweet sock in the strawberry-limes rainbow by Adrienne, and one in the autumn rainbow by me.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm really excited to see that this new yarn is coming out.
kabira501 AT yahoo DOT com

Shelly said...

Ok, this is so perfect for a scarf, your yarns just keep getting better and better . . . yep, I know it's sock yarn, but if you haven't seen a scarf out of sock yarn . . . just send it off to me and I'll be happy to show you one! Then I'll give the scarf to charity.


Prosingularity said...

Mmmm! Mochi is yummy.


joanseely said...

The new yarn looks wonderful--can't wait to try it out@
Joan in West Texas

Sue said...

Ohhhh, that yarn would look so nice on my knitting needles.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Oooh, I'd love to try this new yarn; it looks lovely (and fun!). : )


Marsha said...

What a lovely way to end the year and begin the new....knitting socks from yummy soft yarn. I sure hope I win!

drlaura said...

90 anon [kabira]

91 Shelly - great idea!
Mini-Mochi is NOT a sock yarn anyway - or not ONLY- it's a fine yarn that will work for socks and many things like wristers, scarves, shawls, baby clothing, bags, huggers... unlimited as your ideas!

92 prosingularity-jennifer
93 joan in texas
94 sue with no email or blog
95 Limedragon-harriet
96 Marsha

maronus@aol.com said...

Oh, wow! I'm the 114th entry. Yikes! Saw pictures of MM yarn when the rep was at my LYS. Love the colors; love the kitty logo. My LYS placed an order but I would love to win some. :-)

Lorraine said...

I love the look of this yarn. I want some. How long do I have before I must produce a FO?

My blog is http://lorrieknitsandsews.blogspot.com

Mia said...

This yarn looks so beautiful! I would love to use it for a baby surprise jacket!



Paula said...

Oooh, it looks really pretty. I also love the Scottish Fold mascot.

drlaura said...

97 Maronus
98 Lorraine - and we don't force folks to rush, but asap is wonderful and it could be used in show ... or photoed and returned
99 Mia
100 Paula

krazy4katz said...

Oh, what yummy colors! Can't wait for January to get the Wrister pattern (or 12/2 when you pick MY name, LOL!!). ~ Valerie K/vlkmooATaolDOTcom

karenhuntz said...

Can't wait until this yarn arrives, please enter me in the drawing

Karenhuntz at aol dot com

billnjeanm said...

I love it all!! And a sock knitter can never have too many socks. Wonderful colors. Jean

Robin said...

Love the colors! Really, I do. Please enter me into your contest.

Julie said...

I would love to make socks with this yarn...I hope I win.


drlaura said...

101 kray4katz
102 karenhuntz
103 billnjeanm
104 robin
105 julieH

blessings and good luck to all!

Kathy in San Jose said...

That yarn is gorgeous!

-Kathy in San Jose

kaykatrn said...

wow, the colors are incredible!!! Please enter me in the drawing.
kaykatrn@yahoo.com. The patterns are nice, too.

Ladybee1948 said...

Well, I thought I had submitted my entry, but guess it didn't go through. Love the colors! I hope I'm one of the lucky entries!

Pat H in Louisiana

Alma said...

Oh, I love those colours!
And I already have a sock pattern in mind, if I should be so lucky...

Nancy said...

Gorgeous colors!! I would like to enter the drawing. Thanks!

kadezmom said...

I am SO IN. I've been drooling over this yarn over at the carefree kal (or not).

Thanks for yet another wonderful opportunity.

Of COURSE you can have pics. Geez. Not to would be...oh, ungrateful!


I'm real creative with my names (ROFL)

knitwych said...

I just participated in your latest survey! Thanks for posting that. I've always been curious to know how how popular the toe-up method is. It's my personal preference.


drlaura said...

106 Kathy in San Jose
107 kaykatryn
108 ladybee1948
109 alma
110 nancy
111 kadezmom
112 knitwych

good luck to all and happy thanksgiving!

Lynn said...

Ok I'm in love! Just saw this on the sockknitters group and am drooling! Please enter me in the contest. Regardless if I win, I WILL be buying colorway #103 when it comes out. It's my favorite!

lyntintin at aol.com

Aunt Kathy said...

I can't believe I almost forgot to enter. I hope the random generator favors HIGH numbers this time, lol

I am gimpykatk@aol.com
or gimpykatk on Ravelry

Jane said...

What great yarn. Please enter me in the drawing!

Anonymous said...

Enter me! Enter me!


K. Anne said...

Please enter me, too!
Thanks so much! :)

Auban said...

It looks fantastic - count me in! aubanw(at)hotmail(dot)com

drlaura said...

113 Lynn in Orlando
114 aunt kathy
*** 115 jane *** no info if she wins
116 anon laura
117 K anne
118 Auban

good luck!

mtannie said...

Love the Toddler Autumn Rainbow socks, yummy!

drlaura said...

119 mtannie
good luck!

Mel said...

melanie at popculturezoo dot com

I will totally send you photos, don't worry. This yarn looks fantastic.

sailorcross said...

Oh, I'm just getting in under the wire!! I love, love, love this yarn!! I wish I could feel it through the computer!!



drlaura said...

running out of time!

120 mel
121 sailorcross

good luck!