Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Don't you think this colorway is smashing?? [no hotpink font,sorry]
The socks here on the left with the lime cuff, toe, and heels are Panda Monkey socks, lol and can be found at Quantum Tea (by Alison). I like how the texture works so well with the colors!!

This pretty sock is soon going on a trip. Janis felt that a solid might show off the pattern better, although we at CPY think it's very lovely knitting!
You can read more about Janis HERE

blessings, :L


Anonymous said...

Love and I mean love! how you blended the pink with the green. I love the look of those socks.


Sue Little
Little Knits

DrLaura said...

Alison (Quantum Tea) did a superb job didn't she?
Of course, I'm not biased but it seems that Susan is the one with the amazing color eye, huh?
blessings, :L, laura