Sunday, July 22, 2007

the travelling socks

The lucky socks here, in Panda Cotton, have been travelling around the US.
You can see them at the top left, enjoying a rest with Ewenice. Then they travelled to TN and wanted you to see the view at a signpost in TN.
The final snapshot is of Maida's travelling socks smelling the flowers and napping in the sun before a final trip to their new home.
Details on the socks and their soon to come butter yellow cousins can be found
at the home of Beadntat's Lovely work
blessings, :L


Knitman said...

Very pretty, well made socks.

danielle said...

Lovely socks!

I picked up a skein of Panda Cttton to try a couple of months ago. Am not a huge cotton fan. But thought these were be cute for baby socks.

Cast on....first comment, oh boy, look at how this is not plied too well...this is going to be a PIA to use.

Well, I am a big girl and can admit when I am wrong. I LOVE IT!!!
It is so easy to knit with - and feels to yummy - and looks so good!!

I am a convert!!!

I figure I can get at least one more pair out of this skein (color: Tulips) and then I will have to look for more!