Monday, August 6, 2007

Fun with Yarn

I've been having a ball playing with a new Yarn from CPY called Puffin. It is just amazingly soft, feels like suede and is a lot lot lot of fun to work with! (er umm, i keep having more ideas). It seems to really show detail as you work with it, and did i mention soft? It truly is soft enough to convince ANY fiber snob, and that includes my own husband who wants slippers sometime!
First, This hat and booties are by Barbara Breiter & can be found at Crystal Palace Free Patterns. Colorways for the yarn are here. Barbara also knit this great cowgirl vest (it would be masculine i think in black, and there's a great buckskin color!) This yarn does have that fun fringe feeling,

so these are some of what I've been knitting and designing myself - the wild west fringed baby and adult slippers... as well as plain baby slippers. and i have a wonderful (er um IMHO) hat almost done. The baby blanket is by Susan Druding and the adorable model is grandson Marcelo. The blue buttoned hooded cardi is by Dawn Leesman and it's Marcelo modelling.
That's also Marcelo in the lime hoodie by Barbara Breiter, who is the hat designer too!
Trust me, you want to touch this yarn, as i don't think there's anything i can say to convince you until you touch it!
Blessings, :L, laura
PS I am knitting some wonderful designs with this yarn that will be in an upcoming issue of STRANDED, the newsletter by Bonnie Franz at
PPS I need to show you kitten pics. They are growing fast! Unfortunately, as we give treats to our elderly Siamese who is very very elderly, the kittens are being lured to want such goodies instead of baby food.

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