Saturday, October 6, 2007

kid merino- Runic Cables and Mystic Lace

True confessions: am totally in love with this yarn. you have to see the incredible diversity of colors kid merino and every color is amazingly even prettier knit up. Knitting the yarn is a real treat. on top of that, the yarn is so well behaved you can not only use it for cables, but also even for stranding and color work! i like the diaphanous [sp?] gauzy look i'm getting here with 2 strands on a #8 us needle - it's light and yet warm.

The Runic Cables scarf is for my dh, Al. I've put in runes for happiness, prosperity, partnership,
and all sorts of good things.

The 2nd scarf - presently called Mystic Lace - is for ?? possibly even me. It's also 2 strands, on #9 and a "not fun" needle. I didn't have the #9 in CPY bamboo, and have to use a bamboo with a bad join. I have addi's in the right size, but they are two slick for the yarn, and frankly made my hands ache.
An example of the gorgeous color versatility is the band of Nasturtiums at the beginning, in with the Violet mix, and the lace band, which is fall herbs, and soo much prettier than the picture or even the ball would have you expect. This scarf is about double in length now, and will take new pics soon, after i knit a wee bit more.
I've just finished a 2nd lace band in the fall herbs, and am dithering about a green to use as i have two - the new vine green, and the sage - both lovely but different tonalities.

This is a "right brain" scarf so the yarn has to tell me what's next, LOL.

I want to do a couple more rounds on the runic cables, and change colors, and then back to scarves and the mystic lace scarf.
I also have to decide about more colors or not... al says not to use too many, but they're soo pretty - i can't stop!
blessings, :L, laura
ps don't forget our panda silk contest! have more panda silk socks and etc to show you soon!

the kitten on the left is Shasta, who's so sweet she purrs every time you pick her up.

the rascal on the right is Shiva. he's not really cuddley, yet spends a lot of time sitting on the back of my chair or by my feet. in fact, i worry that he gets more attention.

they've learned not to touch my knitting. i've been lucky. the kittens only got the knitting once or twice - dragging a sock across the living room and of course pulling the needles out. since then, if they touch the yarn, i put it away and play with them instead. never give them any yarn to play with as they can't distinguish an ratty old ball from something special.

i goofed once and let shiva play with a short circ, size 3 us, i think, that i didn't use much. well, he chewed the cord so badly it's totally not usable for knitting anymore.

2 comments: said...

I love the look of the yarn you used for the Mystic Lace. That cats aren't bad, either!

Kathy said...

Awwww, the kitties look like they are adolescents now. Kind of growing into themselves. Great that you have them yarn proofed.