Saturday, October 6, 2007

Panda Wool

These pics are of a sock design i'm playing with, using 2 new colors of Panda Wool. One is called Neptune, and the other is Night Shades. The honeycomb with Night Shades behind the Neptune works well (towards the bottom) but the rows above don't show off the Neptune inside the Night Shades. So the knit is working out differently than my vision,
but now i see how best to do it.... This is a man's sock, and so far DH loves it. The colors are just smashing!

The sock below is Panda Wool "Circus" and is knit by Debbie. More details at Embellishknits

Debbie's gorgeous knitting! so even and pretty!

You can see these colors and more at

blessings, :L

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